Monday, June 2, 2008


"Let me caution all , not to undertake more than can be looked after with hands enough for the well management of things in their proper season; for a small plot of ground well ordered, turns to greater advantage than a large one neglected" 
So wrote Leonard Meager, in his book The New Art of Gardening in 1697

I returned from a month long trip last week and my garden had certainly taken on an air of neglect. The new bed in the English Garden has taken on the cottage garden look. Somewhere lurking under the blanket flowers and cosmos is a Philippine Violet I planted in the spring.

  The vegetable garden is a jungle of blanket flowers and Texas sunflowers.

The patti pan squash are the size of dinner plates but despite the heat and lack of rain there is a good crop of beans and tomatoes and once the overgrown squash were removed they started to produce again. A few hours of work in the early morning and I hope to have it whipped into shape.


  1. Welcome back. I'm always amazed by how jungly a garden can get even when it's hot and dry. The plants must know that we won't want to go outside in the heat to trim them, so they take advantage of the moment.

  2. Thank-you. It is nice to be home but oh this heat! It's going to be a tough summer for the garden.

  3. Hi Jenny, your garden is very cottage looking, even in Texas. I adore your squash, are they still edible when that large? They are pretty even if not.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  4. No I'm afraid not. However they have started to produce again once removed-despite the horrible heat and drought.

  5. A good thing about cottage gardens is that they can be rumpled but still look like a garden, as yours certainly does. And sometimes it's fun to clean up a big mess, even in Texas heat.

    I hope you get a second crop of those nice little squash, Jenny!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. You are right about the messy look but I think I will be pulling a lot out tomorrow. I think it is time for the California poppies to go!
    The Patty pans are producing again-with a little extra water.

  7. You were quite brave to leave your garden for an entire month. I'm guessing you discovered a lot of good things happened in the garden, amongst the overgrown plants. I still remember the wonderful tour of your garden, it really is a special place.