Thursday, September 4, 2008


After 5 mornings of steady work in the garden everything is looking much improved. The bird bath is clean again and perched on the rim are two cast iron birds that my son sent me. They are perfect for holding the drip filler in place.

I can walk down the paths again. I just could not bring myself to pull out all the flowers that had taken root in the gravel but at least I have removed all the weeds.

Unfortunately one of the foxes failed to return yesterday morning and I am fearful that he or she may have met an untimely death at the hands of the coyotes. We often hear them yelping in the dead of night. So, I may have my front garden back again and will be able to start on the weeding there. The Lindheimer senna is flowering and like many of my plants is self seeded.

Inland sea oats dangle on the ends of their stems and waft in the breeze. They make a wonderful arrangement with Pyracantha berries in the winter.

Chocolate daisy, so named because in the early morning the air is filled with the aroma of chocolate. Underneath all the weeds in the gravel are the first signs that fall is on the way and that we can expect the usual crop of bluebonnets next year.


  1. I am very impressed by the before pictures from your previous post and these pictures now. Your hard work has made a big difference and the gardens are beautiful!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Thank you Carol. As you know a gardener really doesn't mind doing all the work involved in getting the plot back in shape. Not a bit like ironing, I would add.

  3. Wow, what a difference a week makes! I'm guessing that a monster batch of compost is going to result? :)

  4. I wish it were Lori. Unfortunately our success with compost has been limited and we finally sold our shredder. it was such hard work for little result. Maybe our lack of grass and leaves was the problem.