Monday, October 27, 2008


When the weatherman says there is a possibility of a frost in the hill country I take note. Although we are only considered to be at the edge of the hill country I know from experience that we get what they get. On top of that we are part way down a hill and the cold air sinks into the gardens. So this morning I set about moving some of my more fragile plants into the greenhouse and house. 
This plant was the first to come indoors and as I walked down the hallway I noticed and anole plastered to one of the leaves. I did a quick about turn, hoping that he would not jump off before I got outside. I think he was too cold to move and he was quite happy to pose for the camera.

Next I turned my attention to the agaves. Several Agave desmettiana variegata in pots were moved carefully into the greenhouse. This is a pot within a pot so quite easy to move. I see lots of pups around the base which will be potted up next spring. I always keep lots of this agave in pots to use in the garden next year. Despite the fact that labels show this plant to be hardy to 25 degrees I have not found this to be so. The protected pups usually survive.

There is no possibility of moving this one. Last winter I surrounded it with a wire cage and filled it up with leaves. An additional cover over the top protected it from the winter weather. It may be too big for that treatment this year.

Next came the citrus. The smaller citrus will get to over winter in the house. It takes quite some effort to do all this moving around but these plants are worth every bit of it. I couldn't live without the agaves or the meyer lemons and limes.

Finally the Mandevilla inside for its second winter.

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  1. I couldn't live without the agaves either (and I am so happy to have one of your desmettiana pups now), but I have yet to form an attachment to citrus trees. It'll probably happen eventually!