Thursday, January 22, 2009


On Saturday the Texas Flower Bulb Society held their Spring sale at Zilker Gardens. Spurred on by wonderful photographs of colorful flowering bulbs on various garden blogs I thought it time my garden had a gift! Although I had a few narcissi that was about it until this year when I received a wonderful gift of Oxblood lilies from Zanthan Gardens. Can't wait to see them flower next fall.
Now I have added
Giant Snowflake-Leucojum.
Two varieties of species tulip- Tulipa clusiana " Lady jane" and Tulipa saxatalis. These tulips are perfect for the rock garden and both naturalize.
Two varieties of rain lily- Zephyranthus primulina and Habranthus hubispatus.
Finally Lycoris radiata- red surprise lily.
They are all planted in the ground each clump with a tag so I don't forget where I planted them! I hope they like their new home.


  1. Oh, I am so bummed to have missed that sale! Are you on a mailing list or something that'll notify you ahead of time?

    I look forward to see what these look like when they flower-- several varieties are new to me, and I'm gung-ho about any bulb that can naturalize in this climate.

  2. I signed up for emails from
    It is a great site and lets you know what is going on round and about.

  3. I've been moving bulbs around in the garden this week - your post makes me want to add varieties! Do you have any hints for oxblood lilies? I've had some in the ground for about 5 years, get a bit of green, but never have had a bloom.

  4. You are so organized. I have no idea what I planted where. Those bulbs look very healthy.
    Will the tulips still make it this season? I thought Xmas was the latest time for them to go in the ground.
    YMMV. (Your Mileage may vary).

  5. I'm a longtime gardener, but I'm new to blogging. I ran across your blog today and was so impressed. Your photographs are fantastic, and I look forward to checking out the useful web sites you've listed.
    I live close to Houston (moving here from Minnesota 3 years ago), so I have a lot to learn about Texas gardening. I'll be checking your blog often!

  6. I didn't know about the sale, either. After seeing how many bulbs you and Linda/CTG came home with it might be safer that I didn't know, Jenny!

    Nice assortment.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. Thank you for the welcome message! You mentioned your 5 citrus in one entry. What varieties do you have? I've become very interested in citrus. Last year I bought a blood orange tree, and this year I bought a Satsuma Mandarin "Miho" (both from Dwarf Citrus in Kilgore, TX). I grow them in containers. My only problem has been leaf miners -- I'm still trying to find an effective way to contol them.

  8. Mary Beth- As this is my first year with Oxblood lilies I'm afraid I can't give any advice. From all accounts they seem to be pretty easy to grow. Zanthan Gardens would be a more knowledgeable source of information. She dug some up as they were starting to flower and I kept them in the house in water until they finished then planted them in the garden. They are in a spot which receives only partial sun. I'll have to wait and see what happens in the fall.
    Joco- I was told by the "bulb expert" on site that day that the species tulips would flower this year. I hope.
    Annie- I did spend quite a bit- what you might call impulse buying. I was totally unprepared as I had parked over at the High School and walked over with the intention of continuing round the lake afterwards. Well that was impossible carrying a large pot of rain lilies and all the other bulbs.
    Texas Tammy- I have Meyer lemons, they are the best lemon; thin skinned juicy and delicious. Mexican lime and Persian lime, kumquat and calamondin. All are in pots which is getting to be quite a chore. I would have thought you could plant yours in the ground. In the more sheltered spots of Austin people are growing in the ground. I just seem to have a very cold spot at my house.

  9. I hope you show these when they flower. Every year I plan to buy and plant bulbs, and every year I put it off until it's too late. I guess I don't want to get started on another plant family to learn about. I do like the results though!