Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today a white California poppy bloomed in the sunken garden. Some years ago I purchased a packet of seeds called "white linen" Every year one or two plants pop up with the white blooms. I can never tell until they send out the first bloom. 
It was a bright sunny day in the garden but a fierce North wind is blowing. There is a threat of frost tonight and tomorrow night, so once again everything is tucked back into the greenhouse. It was 90 degrees yesterday!
Gardening in Texas is not for wimps.


  1. I agree, you Texas gardeners have to be strong, moving plants in and out throughout the late winter.

    That white poppy is beautiful.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Hi RR.
    Wow, what a great looking bloom. Where did you get this one from? Isn't the weather insane right now, temps up then down...crazy!
    Do you move a lot of things into your greenhouse? Interested as to what you move in, in a cold snap.

  3. With the unseasonably warm weather I moved all my seedlings outside to start hardening them off but just had to put them back because of the threatened frost and the wind too. All the new leaves on my roses were burnt by the horrible dry wind yesterday.
    I started the poppy from seed and they just show up although not in the numbers of the orange ones. They have the seeds at the natural gardener.
    I also moved the agaves in as they are just rooting.

  4. Would horticultural fleece not make things easier for you in this season of fluctuating temperatures?

    I thought that I only liked California poppies in their original bright orange, but your pure white one has changed my mind. Now where do I find the seeds.....

  5. I have the fleece and use it on some plants but some I don't want to risk. "white linen" is the name. MAybe you have someone who imports them in the UK

  6. Mmm, luscious! But I still prefer your glorious pink poppies.

  7. I didn't realize that poppies even came in white!