Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm not sure which is worse no rain or a 40 mile an hour wind. When the fronts pass through they certainly do it with fury. It is a struggle keeping the seedlings growing and everything standing. I know this happens all the time in the spring so you would think I would be prepared. which brings me to my mini greenhouses and a third life for gallon milk jugs.

Earlier this year I used the milk jugs in the greenhouse to line the walls. They take up heat during the day and give it back at night. I did mean to try painting them black this year to see if the water would warm up more but never got round to it. At the same time the jugs of water act as watering can for the seedlings. They prefer a warm drink to one straight from the tap. So yesterday I planted out the basil seedlings and they are lucky to get mini greenhouse. I cut out the bottom of the jug making sure to cut below the reinforced bottom. That makes it easier to put in the ground. When I plant out the squash they will also get a greenhouse as their stems are always susceptible to  breaking off in the wind. Finally the jugs will go to the recycle bins. Another use for the milk jugs is to cut out the top sufficiently to add a few rocks. Make a few pin prick holes in the bottom and fill with water. The water will trickle out slowly to feed new plants. You can even add a little slow release fertilizer to the jug. I suppose you could also fill the jugs with water and position them around a plant just like a wall o' water. As you can guess we drink a lot of milk.


  1. I was just wondering where you are in Texas. I am in Austin and bought a foreclosure last year and the people before use took all the landscaping. I am trying to do a rock garden and get some ideas. I thought if you were close I could come see your gardens. They look great. I just quit my part time job to stay at home and am really trying to learn more about gardening. My email is

  2. Hiya,

    40 MPH? You call that wind?
    You are lucky. We often have 80 MPH gales these days. Climate change allright.

    Yesterday it was fierce, and me trying to put up yet another defence against the deer: I was blown over and the netting wrapped itself around me. Irritating stuff, netting. It hooks itself onto anything withing two meters' distance.

    Know what? You make me feel better about buying water rather than using tapwater: (we don't drink milk). I use the empty Evian bottles the way you use your milk empties. All over the garden for various functions, including scaring off the pigeons.

    I felt guilty about using so much plastic, but now realize others do too, with milk containers.


  3. So sorry about your wind Joco- but we have those too. They are called tornadoes and they don't just take the netting they take the whole house! We don't seem to have much choice here as all the milk comes in plastic- but one day that will change. We have now started using our own shopping bags. We filter our city water and rarely buy bottles. At least we are trying. Remember when you used to go to the bakery and they wrapped your bread in a piece of tissue with two little twists at the corner?

  4. Hiya,

    I do indeed remember that: they took hold of the two edges of the top and slung the whole lot round a few times. I can still see it :-)

    Tell us about your water filter: does it deal with fluoride or are you fortunate enough not to have that inflicted on you?

  5. Our water filter is a two part system. @ cartridges under the sink with a little tap to provide us with the water. I'm not sure what it takes out but definitely chlorine so I guess it will take out the fluoride too. Oh yes we have that in the supply. Mostly we are relieved it takes out the taste which is yucky. You are right on about the bread twisting. I remember that too. My grandparents had a bread and cake shop and we lived over the shop when I was very little.