Monday, March 16, 2009


It was a much better bloom day today.

The sun was up early this morning and so were the California poppies.

All that rain has freshened up the garden.

"Lady Jane" turned her face to the warm sun.

The first butterfly iris opened.

Blue eyed grass,  is always a reliable spring bloomer.

As is the blanket flower.

I let the white flowered wild onion be and I love the way the pink flowered onion carpets the ground  beneath the oak and persimmon trees.

I wish the pink primrose would join them instead of preferring my garden.

The sun brought out the flowers on the ice plant, Delospermia cooperii.

and the first buds on the pomegranate tree showed up.

It's nice to see the first ladybird lava too. It must mean that the aphids are on the way!


  1. Positively lovely! And thanks for sharing that ladybug larva.

  2. Wow, Jenny, you are quite prolific in the garden. I can't believe your bicolor Iris is already blooming; mine usually doesn't start until mid-April. And those poppies! And lady Jane; tell me more about her, is she a lily? She's stunning. Great post.

  3. Lady Jane is the name of the Tulipa clusiana which is a species tulip, unlike the hybrids. it does not require chilling and naturalizes well. Perfect for Texas. I only planted them Jan 20th and they are up all ready. I only bought 10 but I plan on more for next year. They are beautiful in among the rocks.

  4. Wow, Lady Jane is even more gorgeous now that she's open! Do you know the botanical name of that butterfly iris? I am wondering if it's something I can grow up north as it is quite lovely.

  5. Ms Wis- Dietes bicolor. I think it is one of those plants from South Africa that we use widely in Texas so it may not work in a colder climate.

  6. Absolutely beautiful. Your flowers are so inspiring. I can't wait to plant my new seeds!

  7. My California poppies missed the official bloom day, too and just began opening yesterday. I don't know why they're so behind everyone else's.

    And your Tulipa clusiana! Gorgeous! I've been anxiously waiting for mine to open and they are also sleepy and reluctant.

  8. mss- I have poppies in all stages in the same garden. Some have been out for a couple of weeks and some have just germinated. It will keep them going for a long time.