Monday, April 20, 2009


This wonderful new addition to my vegetable garden deserves a spot in the limelight. Pisum sativum 'cascadia' was planted in January and has been a prolific and steady producer for many weeks.  No matter what stage of growth the whole pod is deliciously sweet and tender, even when the peas are fully formed. I was planning to save some pods for next year but they are just too yummy. Maybe I'll find a few hiding underneath when I pull them out. They make a great pea for eating raw, and I have added them to pasta dishes and curries as well as steaming them. I think they would be very good stuffed- must look up a recipe for that.
I used "pea brush" to support the tender vines. The plants have grown to about 4 feet so next year I will use longer supports. The plants are resistant to mildew although our dry winter would not have been a problem.  For sweetness it is important to grow peas in full sun. An absolute keeper.


  1. I must try one one. It sounds wonderful.

  2. I only eat fresh peas... mine are still just a few inches high... it will be awhile before I get enough to eat. I'll have to remember 'cascadia'...

  3. Yum -- they sound delicious and they look just beautiful. So fresh and green and crisp - looking. I chose not to plant peas this year because of lack of space -- green beans won out instead -- but now I am wondering if I made the right choice since my mouth is watering reading your great post!

  4. They look so tender and good! I've never grown peas, and this is the first year I've ventured outside my one-tomato plant veggie 'garden' by planting squash, peppers and radishes. Can't wait to try some of the things in my first vegetable container garden.

  5. Sweet Bay- Do try it next year, You will love it.
    I'm with you Carol. The ones in the store are always floppy.
    Diana- These peas don't take up much room and they are a winter/ spring crop. They are taking up about half of my 4/4 plot and they have been so productive, even in this dry winter. Beans will go in the ground after they are pulled out. I haven't planted beans yet but they will be going in.
    Aiyana- I hope you enjoy your new foray into veggy gardening. There is a great swiss chard for growing in pots. It has bright yellow stalks. I'll try to remember its name.