Monday, May 4, 2009


Just this past week the daylilies have come on in leaps and bounds. It must have been the rain.
Three varieties have opened their flowers in the past two days. This pale yellow with maroon markings is the tallest.

This one the shortest at barely one foot. Unfortunately, something, and I would probably be right to say slugs, is partial to the pigment on this one and has stripped the color from the surface of the flowers.

This salmon pink one is loaded with buds. All these day lilies were a gift from a colleague of Ds. It is their hobby to hybridize daylilies and just after we moved into the house they invited us down to see the little ranch where they grow their daylilies. I was to leave there with quite a selection and with names of each. Alas, the tags are long gone and the only one I remember is Tiny Pumpkin which is in the front garden and yet to flower.  I haven't moved them since they were put in but they have not become overcrowded, probably because they are in rather lean soil.


  1. Are they a bit early this year - but such lovely plants.

  2. Ah daylilies -- I have a gardening friend who is a daylily nut and I'm always drooling over her pictures. I especially like the first one you have pictured, it's lovely. Too bad the slugs are getting after the second! It's such a beautiful deep rich color.

  3. I live not too far from a little daylily farm and their peak blooming days are in early July. I fall in love with the daylilies every time I visit, and need to get some more for my garden! Yours are very striking.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  4. Pretty! I'm not used to seeing daylilies down here, but up in Wisconsin, everyone grew a few whether they gardened or not. :)

  5. The tall pale yellow with maroon is quite striking, Jenny. What fun to get such special hybrids.

    Some of my shorter daylilies are blooming now, too. It seems normal now to have daylilies in May but July was the big month back in Illinois.

    Daylilies increased very quickly up there - but like yours, mine haven't outgrown their assigned spots here!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose