Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Last year Rudbeckia hirta 'irish eyes', was on my list of new flowers to try in the garden. I loved it so much it made the list this year. Although labeled as a  short lived perennial, it didn't last through the winter. I have yet to see whether it re seeded anywhere as this is a plant I started this year and is one of the earliest to bloom. Deer resistant! That's what it says but I don't believe it. Should I give it a go out there? Maybe next year.


  1. Nice Variety!
    I personally do not know if it is deer resistant or not.

  2. Hi RR.
    What a great looking flower, and such a unique color! Where did you find it?
    How tall does this get? And I wonder what the "Irish Eyes" thing is all about.


  3. I'm growing this one in the new-baby garden too. But I think I actually prefer the brown-eyed Rudbeckia for the contrast with the yellow petals.

    ESP, I think the "Irish eyes" refers to the green center, rather than the more common brown eye.

  4. Feeling contrarywise, here. I will tolerate the brown eyed rudbeckia but love those 'Irish Eyes'. The plants used to live just a few years in Illinois but Bluestone sold inexpensive packs of starter plants.

    I hope you find seedlings, Jenny, but don't think they are deer resistant until they are old and tough.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. You might like to try Skeleton Leaf Daisy. It starts out green in the middle but will turn yellow later. My deer don't eat it and it is ever green so it's there in the winter when times are tough for the deer.

    Another plant I've never seen you mention but looks so good around rocks that you might like is Geranium Pacifica. The deer don't eat it either and it has dark yellow,Yarrow like heads in late Sept. and October when not much else is blooming.

    I'm still looking for armadillo proff plants. If you hear of any, let me know.

  6. I love the green 'eyes'. Don't count on them being deer resistant, though. They eat almost anything here. Good luck.

  7. I love the germander. where could I find this plant? Is there a local Austin source?. Love your garden too.

  8. Very unique and different! Is this a heirloom variety? Never seen it before.