Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Last evening David and I attended a Community Screenings program of local productions put on by KLRU, our local PBS station. Alerted to the show by Linda Lehmusvirta, who blogs about her garden at Central Texas Gardener, it was an opportunity to visit the set of the TV program which airs every Saturday, as well as get the heads up on local programming.

Local gardeners will recognize that David and I are sitting in the seats normally occupied by the host of the show, Tom Spencer, Soul of the Garden and the guest of the day.

Here is a wider shot of the studio. The table at the front left is where John Dromgoole and Trisha Shirey stand.

Linda is the show's producer and I put her in the hot seat.

I listened intently as she told me all about the gardening program and how it has helped hundreds of Texas gardener's on the way to healthier, organic landscapes with plants that prefer the challenging climate and soils of the Austin area.

Then it was Tom's turn. I questioned him on this succulent plant that seemed to survive the rigors of growing in the windowless studio!!!

Thanks to Tom and Linda for being such great sports.

The studio on the opposite side of the hallway is where they shoot Austin City Limits. This was to be the venue for the evening's program.

Unfortunately the set was not lit, and being no expert with the camera my photograph is not the best. You can barely make out the capital building on the right; the UT tower to the left.

There were presentations and film clips by Evan Smith the editor, and Lynn Boswell, the producer of Texas Monthly Talks. Chet Garner introduced a new program which aired for the first time in early October. Called Daytrippers it is all about places to visit within a short drive of Austin. Then Linda and Tom took the stage to talk about their program, Central Texas Gardener. Thank you KLRU for the opportunity to visit the set and learn more about the local programming.


  1. It looks like you had a blast. I love that you "interviewed" Linda and Tom. I was sorry to miss this event, so thanks for letting me be there virtually.

  2. What fun to get a glimpse of the behind the scenes at KLRU!

  3. Thank you so much for coming! It was so great to see you two. And you did a great job interviewing us. Hope you have suggestions to keep our fake aloe healthy.

  4. YES...thanks so much for coming to the KLRU Screenings event and for posting these pictures. For more pictures go to:

  5. You and David look like naturals on set! Thanks for the post, cause I wanted to go and wasn't able to. Glad you had fun.