Sunday, December 20, 2009


It is easy to forget that we really do have a winter here in Texas. Some winters may be milder than others as have been the last couple of years. Then there will be flowers hanging in there for a few extra months. This year there are no flowers left in my garden but the leaves are still on the red oaks and it is the first time I have seen such vibrant color. The hillsides are peppered with bronzes, reds and golds. The cold weather came early with a deep freeze which zapped every bloom. I want to get out there and cut back but it would be unwise to do so until late winter. The plants don't need to be stimulated to make new growth. The fallen leaves protect the root ball.
Photography takes a down turn. Planning begins. New projects are in the works; improving the drip system, building a bat house, more bird houses, bee houses, a new pathway, changes in the planting.

I can see already it is going to be an incredible wildflower spring this next year. The bluebonnets are growing in incredible numbers everywhere.


  1. I can see that your garden is at rest. And when I saw those bluebonnets in the last picture it reminded me of the 1st spring fling when I saw them blooming in Austin for the 1st time. I bet that will be quite a show in early April.

  2. It was nice to see garden of wild flowers. You can beautify it. Some wild flowers do look beautiful.

  3. I have projects on the front burner too. I look forward to seeing all those bluebonnets in bloom.

  4. The trees are beautiful, this year, aren't they?
    Your garden has such good 'bones', it looks good, even without blooms.
    Looks like your bluebonnets are taking over, again.

  5. The early cold has colored the trees down here in the Rio Grande Valley too. Even the ashe trees are golden. Looks like you will have an explosion of bluebonnets come spring!

  6. The bluebonnets are everywhere here, too. I'm so glad. Last December when it was so dry there were very few of them and those were much smaller than usual. I'll have to plan some bluebonnet viewing drives this spring.

  7. Catching up on some of my reading and viewing your garden cheered me right up. I love the textures in the variety you have. I wonder how high you are going to have to step to get around all those bluebonnets...lucky you have those pavers!

  8. Hi RR.

    Wow! It looks like you are in for an amazing bluebonnet bloom next year...I guess they liked the early freeze! I cannot wait to see this in full flight come the spring. Loved the image of the succulent sprawling out of the rock-face - is that a ghost plant?
    Talking of planning...three Hell-Strip! Yes I cannot put it off any longer.

    Hope you had a fun Christmas RR. I cannot wait to do that trans-Atlantic cruise at some point!


  9. Your garden is lovely, even in rest. And the anticipation is overwhelming! I, too, am delaying pruning too much to protect the roots. I did cut back the unruly plumbago to reveal upcoming bulbs, but it never suffers in my garden. And the planning is fun, now, too. Sounds like your list will take you into 2012! I wish both of you the very best new year ever.