Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I must tell you about a little visitor who came into my garden while I was away. My grandson, Savar, brought garden gifts and hid them around the garden. I soon spotted the lizard but had to have a clue about where to find the frog. He was in a patch of thyme. What a lovely idea. Next time you come, Savar, I will have an animal hunt for you!

But I had other visitors too, and they are not quite so welcome. In my potting shed I noticed a blanket had some mysterious holes. "Mousey work" I thought, spotting other tell tale signs.

As I lifted the pile of coco fibre basket liners out ran 3 mice. 'Three blind mice, three blind mice, see how they run' and I ran straight out to buy some traps. I wouldn't mind the little things coming in out of the cold but it is their habits I don't like. Poop all over the show and wee in the corners. I'm much kinder to the cotton rats, using the Havahart trap, but then they live outdoors.
They aren't even clean in their nests. The long and short of it is we have disposed of 5 mice.
I much prefer lizards and frogs.


  1. I agree -- reptiles beat rodents any day!

  2. Our builder left a pile of stone in the garage which we planned to use for a border. However, the first winter we were in the house, a mouse family moved in under the stone. When we moved the stone out of the garage to use in the garden last spring, we effectively evicted the mice.

  3. Toad in the garden is a blessing, not sure aout lizzards since I've never had that experience, but I'm pretty sure mice are better off somewhere besides in or near the house.

    Welcome back!

  4. Lancashire Rose - The lizard and the frog are adorable. And how sweet of your little guy to come "plant" surprises for you while you were away.