Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A little over a week ago I opened a packet of seeds and this was what I found.

The packet contained seeds of Delosperma floribunda 'stardust' I have always had great success with delosperma as a rock garden plant and decided to try growing them from seed. However, this was a first. I have seen pelleted seeds before but never so tiny. Not much hope for these, I thought. The directions said that the seeds need light to germinate and suggested sowing in shallow furrows. I decided to just make a shallow dent in the soil in the six pack and hope for the best.

Today I noticed tiny specks of green, the first seed leaves. I think I have 100% germination. I really had no expectations that they would germinate so I was over the moon. Now the test will be keeping them alive.

The greenhouse is starting to look a little crowded. I have such a weakness for saving plants as well as starting seeds. So all these little ones you see here are seedlings uprooted from the gravel. There is hardly room to move in there with all the other overwintering plants.


  1. All I have is plans.
    (No -t- missing here :-)
    Looks ever so horticultural. I am always so impressed by people starting from scratch. And actually producing fully grown plants.
    Just envious, really :-)
    Do you have a picture of a fully grown one? No idea what it is.

  2. I do like ice plants. I read they're deer resistant. You know how that goes, though.

    You do have a lot going on in that greenhouse.

  3. Well congrats on your success! Your greenhouse may look crowded but it also looks like a lot of fun.

  4. Jo- Problem is this all takes so much time and I would achieve more out there if I just bought the darn plants. However, I just can't help myself. The thrill of seeing those little seedlings and all that.
    Linda- These ones are purple- I sure hope they aren't the same ones we see commonly growing here. Sometimes photos in the catalogues are deceptive and they often give them their own name. I have been caught out by this several time.
    Jean- Success so far and I just hope I can keep them going.

  5. Gosh, you've been busy lately in the greenhouse and on your blog! The tiny plants are looking good!

    I've got lots of seeds started myself. I know I'll end up buying transplants here and there, but I agree with you - it is so much more amazing to witness the miracle of a seed sprouting then growing into a full-grown plant.