Friday, February 26, 2010


We usually enjoy mild winters in central Texas. That is until this year. Our gardens are reeling under one of the coldest winters on record and so it continues. We did have a warm day yesterday but then today, although sunny, there is a cold wind. So when I was out weeding today I saw this little plant in flower. Scilla siberica 'alba', Siberian squill, obviously quite at home here this year. I had literally stuck the bulbs in the herb garden as we were to leave on a trip in November. I suspect this will be their only year to bloom here. They look like alpine plants unless this one is stunted for some reason. It would have been better suited to a spot in the rock garden.

I never have planted many bulbs until this year and those few , planted in the past, have lost their tags, so this multi headed narcissus has no name. I have a preference for the multi headed narcissi rather than the single flowering varieties. Later the white ones will flower but right now they are just poking up through the ground.

I love the little muscari popping up among the california poppies. Their rather rangy foliage will be hidden, after blooming, as the poppies take center stage.

I am really wishing that I had just planted all these Iris reticulata together. They really need to be en masse to make a statement.

Surely this is a sign that spring will soon arrive. A viola, seeded from last year. I didn't plant any this year but little plants are popping up all over the place. In a somewhat dreary garden a few bright rays of sunshine.


  1. How nice to see your bulbs in flower and even a volunteer viola. Signs of our timid spring.

  2. I like your whispering irises. I'm hoping my snowdrops bloom soon.

  3. Color in the garden right now is a lovely sight. Your sweet viola face is making me smile.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. This winter has been especially different for TX, too.
    Meems @HoeandShovel

  4. Those are lovely little wisps of color in your garden. I love the daffodils and the muscari. I have a few patches of muscari peeking up slowly (but I only planted them in Jan!) Enjoy your bulbs.