Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Some things are difficult for me to do; throwing things away, cleaning out the closet, pruning and taking out overgrown plants. Today was a big day. I started the day pruning the Lady Banks rose and ended by cutting down the mountain laurel growing in the front garden. You can see the stump here. It was the right thing to do. I planted it when I didn't know any better. A small slow growing tree. It ended up not being slow growing enough and not small. It was leaning over, struggling under the vigorous Lady Banks. Plants underneath withered and died.

It impeded the view when we came in through the front gate.

Its low growing branches covered over rocks.
There is still more rose pruning to do.
I will have to decide whether to remove the sharply angled branch, and there is a hole to fill where the laurel grew. All in all I am a lot happier to have this tree out of the way. I will just have to enjoy its fragrance and bloom outside my walls.


  1. I have the same problem. I hold onto things for too long.
    It had to be a hard decision to cut down a small tree.
    Gardens are never really 'done', are they?

  2. It is a difficult decision to remove trees -- they are valuable for so many reasons, esp. in hot climates like ours. But one that's not sited to your liking becomes such an annoyance. Looks like you made the right choice.

  3. Love your yard! Just found your blog. I think I could spend half the day reading gardening blogs.

  4. Patchwork- I was really surprised at how easy it was to saw through the trunk. Now I wonder who is going to get the stump out?
    Denise- I do feel liberated. It was so difficult to garden around that space. I was spurred on by seeing that they had cut down a lovely ML at the Wildflower Center. If they could do it I could.
    Siesta Sister- Isn't that the truth. I try to do it early in the morning. Do you have a blog. It doesn't appear in your profile?

  5. I love that rose campion. Have not seen it before. I'm guessing based on its neighbors that it's a shade plant. Did you grow it from seed?