Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Taking photographs of the garden in sunlight is always a problem for the camera. My sunken garden is in full sun shortly after it rises. It is the best time of the day, just before the sun comes through the trees. This morning was a perfect morning.

Of course the California poppies were not awake- it was only 5am there! but the stars were still out.

Sedum potosinum, in the sunken garden.

and the Missouri primrose, Oenothera missouriensis. These flowers will be closed by the time I come home later today.
Last year alyssum was in this spot. This year it is this yellow flowering sedum, flowering alongside dahlberg daisy and alyssum.

Larkspur is not as prevalent this year. It may have been the hard winter. A sheltered spot in the vegetable garden has the best flowering. How could I pull it out?

Yeah! The first tomatoes.


  1. All of your flowers are just fabulous.

  2. Sweet Bay and Daffodil planter- Thanks for joining me on my early morning walk.

  3. So much beauty, going on there.
    Your tomatoes are so much bigger than the ones I have.

    I think you should be awarded the 'Perfect Green Thumb' award. Everything just GROWS for you.

    Thanks for the early morning walk.


  4. Patchwork-Not everything. you have no idea how many plants I have lost through my own carelessness. Most of this is just mother nature at work.

  5. Lots of beautiful flowers, everything is so lovely - very nice indeed!

  6. Your garden is looking amazing, as usual. I can't believe your tomatoes are so far along! The larkspur in my front yard only began blooming today, and I think it'll take another week or so to see any color from the larkspur in the back. It seems that it took most of my spring flowers an extra long time to recover from that last cold spell, but at least that gives me something to look forward to now that the roses are almost done.

  7. Your garden is amazing !!

    I´m surprised so advanced that are the blooms in other places.
    In Spain,is soon and see this photos is great.

  8. Jenny, you should frame these pictures. Totally lovely and inspiring. I wonder if that yellow-flowering sedum is Mexicana? I want the white, too. My larkspurs are actually going crazy. Weird, huh? But my garden will never be as lovely as yours.

  9. Whenever I stop by here, it's like visiting a different world - a beautiful one too. Your garden is just breathtakingly beautiful - and is so different from my coastal SC one (with live oaks and ever green magnolias). Truly - it does what a garden should make you want to do: stop by and sit for awhile, quietly, and just look around. What a treat!

  10. Jenny, your sunken garden is beautiful. Might a certain garden writer from Alabama stop by and see it sometime?