Saturday, April 3, 2010


When we bought this lot 10 years ago there was a small patch of bluebonnets on the top end. The first year I gathered seeds and spread them a little further. I even transplanted a few plants early in the spring when the root was nothing but a fat little stem.

This year the left side of the driveway has more bluebonnets than I have ever seen.

On the right side of the driveway a granite parking area is a sea of blue. No parking here anymore. How those bluebonnets love the granite.

It is a similar picture round the side of the house. I have to walk along the edge of the ledge stones to access the gate.

We can no longer take the path of stepping stones to the front door.

Inside the walls the picture is not much different. The English garden.

The front garden. I even have them in the vegetable beds and sunken garden. I don't think they have reached their full peak yet.


  1. You're living on an island in a bluebonnet ocean! Simply stunning.

  2. A beautiful blue carpet !!
    I don't know bluebonnets, but they seem to propagate with facility and grows without taken care, is like that?
    I have to look for this plant here, for my meadow.

  3. Simply breathtaking! I was given a couple of bluebonnets by a gardening friend last weekend. I've planted them in a flowerbed in the front and I hope they take off!

  4. pam- yes, we are in danger of being swept away on the current. i can't tell you how many I have pulled out, especially in the sunken garden. They were about to take over every plant.
    Yolanda- I am sure you will have some kind of bluebonnets in Spain. They are members of the lupin family. annuals.
    Jayne- Be careful what you ask for. They are my weeds. Just be selective where you let them grown and remember they make a 3' spread. Enjoy.

  5. All of those Bluebonnets look just amazing!

  6. I especially love the bluebonnet-Lady Banks combo photo. Beautiful.

  7. Wow Jenny!
    Unbelievable amount of bluebonnets...looks amazing. On hearing that they like the granite I will have to scatter a bunch of seeds in the hell-strip when it is finished, if it ever is finished!

    Great pictures of blue.

  8. Gorgeous! How interesting it is that an out-of-the-ordinary winter will produce such a gorgeous spring!

  9. WOW. What a sea of blue. It is like a beautiful dream.

  10. What a perfect April in Austin scene, Jenny! Love how you call them 'my weeds'.
    Shady clay in my garden means planting a hundred seeds produced only 2 plants so I bought a couple of six-packs to tuck in here and there.
    Happy Bluebonnet time!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose