Monday, April 5, 2010


Suddenly every flower in the garden is fighting for room. Bluebonnets and columbine are the big winners. Columbines only because they can hold their flowers way above the bluebonnets. At ground level bluebonnets would take over, and then what would be left. Spindly blackfoot daisies and skullcaps. Today I did have to do a bit of thinning. Such a difficult task. Good stuff for the compost pile though. Talking of which.....

There is a very healthy crop of poppies growing by the bins. Something good must be leaking out of there. I have resorted to slow composting as we no longer have the chipper shredder.

Sunken garden

In just a week wine cups, pink poppies, corn poppies, basket of gold alyssum, chocolate daisy and daisy fleabane joined the early bloomers.

When this yellow alyssum fades the large, showy yellow flowers of the primrose will take its place.
The "sunny" knockout rose, planted last spring is looking a lot more vigorous this year. Yesterday the first two blooms of the season opened. I think she is going to have a splendid year.


  1. I never tire of seeing your fabulous gardens, especially the sunken garden. We do the slow, passive composting method, too.

  2. Your gardens look wonderful. The worst thing about starting in a new place is having to wait for things to grown enough to bloom. I'm about out of patience!

  3. My garden wants to be just like yours when it grows up. Today I thought, maybe I should plant some of those California poppies around the lantana when it goes dormant this fall. Their bright blossoms and green leaves could hide a multitude of ugly brown twigs next spring.

  4. Sunken garden is looking really nice!

  5. My first two Radsunny roses just opened today also. Your garden looks as flowerlicious as always in spring. I love it.

  6. Your garden is stunning; photos just don't do it justice. Your hard work is showing!

  7. I was worried about your garden, with the hard winter we had. Then, you show photos like these. No worry is needed. It's just beautiful.

    Yes, your hard work IS showing.


  8. All of those flowers! Your garden looks wonderful!

  9. Iris- Thanks for your kind words. Compost does happen in the end. At least the pile keeps shrinking.
    Jayne-You won't have to wait long in Texas Before you know it you will be hacking back and trying to keep everything under control. That's what happens when you don't have a real winter.
    Caroline- I love that we can throw out seeds of the hardy annuals in the fall. I'll save some seeds for you.
    RBell- It's my favorite place to garden.
    Diana- You know how much work this all is, I know. Great rewards though.
    Pam- I'm hoping radsunny will perform better this year. After all last summer was a tough one for it to get established, wasn't it?
    Patchwork- Some things made it, but looking back at last year I have lost so many plants. I don't have quite the variety as last year. Still, I am happy for all that is blooming.
    Sweet Bay- Thanks for joining me in the garden

  10. What a beautiful garden! I would have loved to walk there, and see all the gorgeous flowers! Thanks for sharing