Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm going fishing and when I come back I expect you to have removed the cross vine from the gate, so I can paint it, and remove the weeds and bluebonnets, marigold mint, Mexican hats, feather grass, poppies, blanket flowers and a host of other things, growing in my granite path.
No seriously, I know he wants the pathway to be a pathway and he needs to paint the gate and he has gone fishing so this morning bright and early I set about doing those two tasks.

Job done.

Job almost done. Feather grass not removed, yet. I may need it somewhere else. Of course it looks a lot better. The best thing is David will be pleased and I am very pleased that he is bringing back his daily quota of redfish, caught on the fly.


  1. Jenny, this is pretty funny because our household had the "feather grass" talk this week too. I thinned out the parkway thoroughly (I thought) but came home from work, and the feather grass had been thinned even more and existing plants given a severe haircut! No more wafting in the breeze until they grow their plumes out again...

  2. He's gone where, doing what? One of these days I'm going to be completely retired and I want to be just like David.

    Man it looks like you worked your butt off, and in this heat. It will be his turn when he gets back. Get a picture, I want to know he does something besides fly fish.

    I've already tied up the flies I'm going to use in Alaska, that is if I get to fish at all. It will be tight on time. I'll let you know about it at the next get together, Bob

  3. Lots of work. And, it was really pretty hot, yesterday. I was out weeding and mulching....whew!

    A job well done. As Bob says, now it's D's turn.


  4. Denise- I'm afraid I may have to pull out those grasses too. After all this is a path!
    Bob- Just down to the coast with kayak. Brought home lots of redfish. D does a lot more besides fly fish. He works harder than anyone around the house, cleaning windows, polishing the trim, painting the fence, chopping wood, washing the dishes, He is rarely in idle. Have a great trip to Alaska and hope you do get a little fishing in.
    Patchwork- I was out early and in my 10:30. Mid 90s again today. Stinky hot and humid. No gardening.

  5. This made me chuckle a little to myself. So you took over the path and now he wants it back for its intended purpose? :)

  6. This makes me laugh with glee! You two are a treasure in my life.

    Greg hauled the bags of mulch I'd stacked next to the carport: "where do you want them?" That was my cue.

  7. Linda- I have heard those very words myself!