Thursday, May 13, 2010


I couldn't live without a herb patch and oregano is one of those herbs I use both fresh and dried.

When I cut back the plant I make bundles and hang them inside to dry.

The finished product. Oregano can be kept to a nice mounding plant by clipping back several times a season. No need to restrict it to the herb patch.


  1. What is that to the right of the oregano?

  2. I had a flower pot oregano that I kept going until last summer when I just couldn't keep it watered enough, so I dried it all. I still have one plant in one of the gardens which has finally spread out to take up a 2' by 2' space. That one I'll go out and trim up when it starts affecting the other plants.

    You know, I don't think I've bought oregano, parsley, or basil at the grocery store since the year after I moved down here.

    of course the parsley is now officially considered a weed in our yard according to my MIL and when she's down here she walks around pulling it out of the lawn.

  3. It took me awhile to catch up with all your posts, as it's been 6 weeks since I had time to visit, but I finally finished! (My Hubby had heart surgery.) Great photos as usual, the info is welcome.

  4. David- It is Berggarten sage. Unfortunately it has spider mites. I wasn't quick enough to give it the oil treatment.
    Katina- It is very easy to grow and I am always taking the new plants that appear and putting them in different places.
    Aiyana- I knew something must be wrong. I hope you husband's surgery was successful and wish him a speedy recovery. I have missed your lovely flowering cactus.

  5. Eventually I want to find room in the garden for some herbs. I may start with pots and see how I do before trying them in the beds. Yours look great, an inspiration as always.

  6. I liked the look of the oregano I planted in the herb garden last year that this year, I planted two or three in the front yard flower beds. Pretty, green all year, and it smells great!

  7. Planting a couple of oregano plants was one of the best things I've done. We use oregano all of the time. It is wonderful fresh along with thyme, rosemary, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil for a marinade. It's a good ground cover plant, too, and spreads very quickly. Also very easy to propagate by layering!

  8. Yes, this is clipping season for sure. Some of my oregano is getting really tall. Generally, I clip it for the bunnies' dinner (and ours) but will get energetic and dry some like you!

  9. Jayne- herbs are really good to grow in among the flowers. Chives at the front where you can enjoy their pretty flowers.
    Lisavollrath-It;s a great little plant and seems to have few problems with bugs or disease. I think I shall move some into one of the bare spots in my flower bed. They have an interesting flower too.
    Joseph-I agree, it's a good all round plant.
    Linda- Your bunnies are the best fed bunnies in the world!

  10. How do you take care of your oregano with watering and sun? I tried growing some in a pot but it didn't last more than a few months.