Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This has been the scene in our garden, every morning for the last few weeks. The poppy petals and other plant residue look like a Japanese painting against the dark bottom of the pool. Or at least to my eyes. The poppies have just been outstanding this year; pink, red, yellow and purple; ruffled and single petaled. The bees have been in a frenzy wallowing in the multiples of pollen laden stamens.

The first of the prickly pear flowers are open. Another favorite f the bees. These prickly plants are in what I call my native areas.

Some of the flowers have an orange tinged center. I don't know if this is a different variety.

Walking around with camera in hand was the reward for the full day, I put in yesterday, working in the garden. It was the perfect day. Cloudy. The Wildflower Center has now identified this flower as Prairie Brazoria, Warnockia scutellariodes.

Lace cactus are flowering there
and in my entry courtyard.

If only I could get these blanket flowers to grow out there. These ones are growing alongside my tomatoes in the pathway of the vegetable garden. Do I have one growing out in the wild areas. Not a one! Even though I have tried to spread the seeds out there. I'll be trying again this year.


  1. Could your mystery plant be penstemon cobaea? I have several of those, and the color varies a little bit...I think it may depend upon the soil its growing in.

  2. Thanks Mary, but I don't think this is cobaea. I have seen this and the flowers are much larger. I have sent an email to the WFC to ask for id. They are sure to know.

  3. PS Mary-Can you please enable your profile on blogger. Can't get to your blog.

  4. It looks like Palmer's Penstemon to me... here is a link....


    Also called wild pink snapdragon.

  5. i can relate to the poppy petals all over the place - and i don't mind at all! you know, i sowed a bunch of blanket flower that didn't come up either. don't know why. then again, i also sowed a ton of bluebonnets that also didn't come up. go figure!

    p.s. i love the lace wing!

  6. How gorgeous! That top photo inspires me to start a new painting. You must walk around your garden just grinning all the time.

  7. Your top photo is stunning! It's one to print and frame for sure. All the flowers and plants in your garden photo story are lovely, but the bee's behind sticking out of the prickly pear is a charmer.

  8. I used to see your mystery plant growing in the Lakeway park, and they had a tag ID'ing it as wild snapdragon.

  9. Brooke and Kelly - I have the answer from the WFC. It is Prairie Brazoria, Warnockia scutellariodes. Never come across this before but I will try to collect some of the seeds to grow inside the walls.
    Joseph- Maybe next year or maybe you don't have any rhizobium in your soil. I'll send you some. I have plenty in mine!
    Iris- Wonderful Iris. Hope you will post them on your blog.
    Teresa- You are right, I think I might do a few cards from that one. Funny bees. They are so busy and don't mind at all the rear shot.

  10. When I saw the first photo, I thought you were into painting. It does look very pretty....who would have thought? Poppies are on my list to add to the garden.