Thursday, June 24, 2010


The only time to be out in the garden is in the early morning hours before the sun peaks over the greenhouse. At this time the water on the pool is as smooth as glass.
There is bird song on the air. The flowers have regained their strength during the relatively cool night time hours.

Ans then the sun peaks over the greenhouse and the magic morning hours are lost for another day.

It is time to retreat into the English garden where the high wall shelters the plants for just a few more hours.
A new day has arrived in Central Texas.


  1. I need some high walls to protect us from the sun. Oh, well. Its cloudy today, so I'm out to work in the garden, even though its already 930 am.

  2. An enchanting post. I love the photo of the sun peaking over the greenhouse... magical.

  3. You never cease to amaze me with your garden.
    I think you are a very telented lady indeed.
    I am so happy to call you a friend, aren't
    blogs just wonderful? To be able to meet and know
    the garden and the gardeners is a treat for me
    everyday online.

  4. rachael- Yes walls do help. They keep the deer out and they give us a little more time in the shade. Glad you got some cloud relief today.
    Teresa- I love the sun but this summer is a real challenge.
    Brooke- Such kind words Brooke- I have always been a gardener but to meet so many garden friends through blogging has been wonderful Glad you are one of them.

  5. What an oasis! That clear as glass pool amidst the garden plants all around lord, you live in heaven, for sure!!! Are you an angel???

  6. You have a beautiful place. I love all those coneflowers. I have been having trouble getting myself to bed early so I can get up and go out before it gets hot. I don't think we get as hot in Nebraska as you, though.

  7. Julie-Heaven for a few hours and then the heat arrives. I'm no angel!
    Sue-Can't imagine why I rise so early but it certainly has it benefits if you are are a gardener. Coneflowers just go crazy here, seeding all over the place. I do love them though. Thanks for visiting.