Saturday, June 26, 2010


Garden a Go Go time. The group came over to my house, this morning, to help me come up with a new plan for one area of my garden that was in need of some renovation. We changed the time to 9am so that everyone would feel more comfortable when outside. Even so the temperatures were already in the 80s by the time they arrived. After a quick tour of the garden it was down to work.

The area due for an overhaul is by the side entrance. A flowering senna tree seeded here, along with a vitex. Last year we pulled out the vitex and David was ready to say goodbye to the senna too. "Not until we come up with a plan for the area," was my cry. So 17 of Austin's garden blogging community collected by the steps and threw out ideas for a garden makeover.

After refreshments they set to work sketching their ideas on paper. I think everyone was in agreement that the tree should 'go' and the area should be planted with structural plants. The idea being to create a clean sharp planting to match the simple lines. One suggestion was for a rectangular water feature built using masonry blocks. I think that this would look lovely too but might be more maintenance than we have time for. I had thought of a tank in this area but there was little enthusiasm for this idea.
Thank you to our garden bloggers' group who visited today. Philip, Eastside patch, Bob, DracoGardens, Robin, GetGrounded, Pam, Digging, Katina, Gardening in Austin, Michele, Wabi-Sabi-Home and garden Caroline, The ShovelReady Garden, Ronnie, The Lazy Shady Gardener, Amy, Go Away I'm Gardening, Daphne, Chris, The Running gardener, Bonnie, Kiss of Sun, Ellie,Mostly Weeds, Lori, The Gardener of Good and Evil, Melissa, Zanthan Gardens, Meredith, GreatStems. And thanks to our other visitors who joined the group today.

Bob, the planter is simply gorgeous. I think it will be perfect for succulents. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


  1. That's an awesome planter! The angle of the photo makes me think of the pipes in Super Mario Brothers.

    Thanks for having us all over at your house today, Jenny. And thanks for all the delicious food. And also thanks for posting everyone's blog link.

  2. Katine- It was nice to see you again today. You know Bob may have made that from a pipe. I wonder? Then again he is very skillful at welding and very creative.

  3. Egad, you showed my Cousin Itt drawing. It reminds me that I need to send you a real picture of the beautiful blue nolina tonight.

    Had a great time at your design meeting. Yummy munchies and your garden is stunning as always!

  4. I had a wonderful time touring your garden and catching up with the garden bloggers. Your garden is so cheery and absolutely beautiful! Thanks for a great day. ~Amy

  5. Looks like you had a productive meeting. And, a good time. Will be interested to see how it comes out.

    We've just returned from our trip to North Dakota. The heat was really turned up, while we were gone. I already miss their 70 and 80 degree highs.


  6. Sorry we missed the fun. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  7. Is the awesome drawing on the big piece of paper Philip's? Because if so, I think I want him to draw a picture so I can frame it and hang it on the wall.

  8. How cool that there are so many bloggers that live near each other. I look forward to seeing what you do in that area. I love that pot, too!

    You asked me about the pink threadleaf coreopsis in my front bed. Yes, it is a perennial. I rarely start perennials from seed, because I'm too impatient for them to grow big enough to bloom. I do have some that reseed themselves, though, and I let some of them grow. I'm curious to see what the coneflower volunteers look like when they bloom.

  9. I'm so glad you liked the planter. It's the first small one I've built. It's not pipe, it's all bent by hand. I built some huge ones for my Mom years ago. I should have brought them home after she passed away but they were really huge.

    Lyn and I enjoyed the visit immensely and Lyn said to say thanks for the recipe. She said you were exactly as I had described you to her. After seeing your gardens she was ready to come home and move some rocks around. I had to reel her in a little on that note. It is just to darn hot now.