Sunday, July 11, 2010


Last evening David and I had the pleasure of attending a reception at the Wildflower Center to view the wonderful art photography of Bruce Leander.

Although Bruce has had a life long interest in photography, over the years his subject matter changed to include garden photography; his own. His wife, Patty Leander is well know in Austin circles for her expertise at vegetable gardening. Many of Bruce's photographs have appeared in articles written by Patti for Texas Gardener magazine.From the vegetable garden to the Wildflower Center, photographing wildflowers and nature, was an easy move.

Since he began volunteering at the Wildflower Center in 2008, and weather permitting (that usually means no wind) Bruce has moved quietly around the garden carrying tripods and lenses, shortly after dawn and before the sun rises.

In his photographs Bruce brings to our attention things we might never see with our own eyes. I remember him once showing me a photograph he had taken of the eggs of the harlequin bug. The amazing detail on these little barrels was amazing. The macro lens can bring to life a whole new world.

Also in this exhibition are photographs Bruce took on a recent visit to Big Bend National Park. He brings alive the beauty of this desert park.

A real family affair. Patty and their girls who helped with refreshments.

Among familiar faces another Austin blogger and Travis County Extension Service horticulturist, Daphne Richards.

Later we moved into the Visitor's Gallery which has received a complete makeover in the past year.

The old film in the back of the gallery has been replaced by a series of monitors, generously donated by Bruce. Here the visitor can enjoy a slide show of Bruce's work while sitting in a comfortable chair. It was hard to get David away from his enjoyment of the photographs.

Things are still blooming at the Wildflower Center. Witness the array of flowers on this display table highlighting current blooms. Bruce is never short of something to photograph.
The exhibition of photographs can be viewed in the McDermott Learning Center through August 23rd. Proceeds from the sale of the photographs go to the Wildflower Center.


  1. What an enjoyable afternoon. How lucky you were to be able to attend. Bruce's photographs are stunning!

  2. What gorgeous photography. The center is beautiful too. It must have been a grand evening! I LOVE that wild poinsettia in the last pic. I have wild ones here, even in my yard, but never have seen one with wide and long leaves like that before!!! Awesome!!!

  3. Is that a normal wild poinsettia. Mine here are stunted compared to that one.

    I see Tall Rosin Weed in the last picture. If you want some seed let me know as I have a couple here in my garden.

  4. When I read that first picture mentioning Bruce Leander, my first thought was "I wonder if that's Patti's husband..." he does take some awesome pictures of plants.

  5. A pleasurable evening viewing stunning photography in a lovely setting. I think I'll google Bruce Leander.

    I left a comment on my blog about mosaics, but just in case you don't get back. I use Picasa to create my mosaics/collages. It's a really cool, FREE program that you download off the net. Let me know if you find it and how it goes!

    Have a grand day!

  6. Even though I live in Nashville I joined the wildflower garden~of course I adore wildflowers, but I use the website for research on native wildflowers every day. I so want to join in on all the special member evens that arrive in my email! Goodness, his photographs are wonderful~The panorama of the Big bend area is remarkable.

    clay and limestone

  7. Gail- It is a great membership. Not only do we recives the magazine every month but the membership gives access to many wonderful gardens throughout the US. Mrs Johnson and Helen Hayes did a wonderful job in raising the money to build the new center. Their website is also a great resource and Mr Smartplants does a great job of id of native plants. Glad you joined.