Friday, September 10, 2010


Anyone who lives in central Texas knows that we have a few plants that respond immediately to rain. The day after the rain I saw the slender stems of rain lilies, Cooperia drummondii poking through the ground and within 2 days they burst into flower.

They don't always grow where you want them to grow, even though you try to grab those seeds as soon as they are ripe and put them where you want them.

I have them growing between the pavers in the vegetable garden and in the herb beds. Even more than ever this year. The flowers don't last long and this year they were pounded into the ground by the 10" of rain that fell, in one day, in my garden.

Nevertheless, here come the seed heads. They must be self pollinated. Now if I can just remember to keep my eye on the seeds.

Another plant that responds immediately, but this time to late summer rain, is the oxblood lily. Nothing showing above ground last Thursday but by Sunday, after 3" of rain, I photographed them in full flower. The flowering was short lived due to Tuesday's torrential downpours. I'll have to wait another year to see these ones again.
I don't think these two make good companions. Even though I moved all my cactus, succulents and agaves out of the rain, the second time, there was enough moisture to get things moving in the toadstool world.

Finally, roots appeared overnight, along the stems of the Huernia. Time for some repotting.


  1. Those rain lilies are lovely, as are those oxblood lilies - love that color. I've noticed several toadstools appearing in my garden too after the rains we've been having.

  2. I love the rain lilies in the green space behind my fence and had not thought about putting some of the seeds in and around my garden until reading your post. I hope it isn't too late to gather some from the blooms that were there before the last downpour. Very nice photos!

  3. What a combo, toad stool and a cactus. They look good together to me though. That snail in the bottom of the photo better pick the right one to crawl up.

    My Oxblood Lilies are up as well. Maybe you won't have to wait a year on them. Mine have bloomed twice in a year on several occasions.

    I was able to dig up three small Eryngo at a friend's place and have your name on one. They all have multiple blooms so should be able to collect seeds although I don't expect them to get very big this year beore winter. I'll bring them to the next get together.

  4. jayne- Isn't it amazing how quickly these things can grow!
    Cat You should have time to collect. They usually take about 10 days to ripen.
    Bob-Eryngo- Wonderful. Next Garden a Go Go? I wonder where it is?

  5. I saw some gold colored rain lilies, on the golf course last week, before the big rain. I hadn't seen that color, before.

    We had almost nine inches here.

    We have toad stools in the cactus dish garden. It does look a little strange.

    Have a good weekend.

  6. Lovely rain lilies! I have some coming up that I purchased at the spring Wildflower Center sale, not sure what variety/color yet. I fear my oxblood lilies have perished, no signs of life, but I'm enjoying those in other gardens.

  7. Patchwork-I do have some yellow rain lilies but they just don't seem to do as well as the white ones. I may try some more this fall.
    Caroline-Sucha pity that we had 2 rainfalls as we did. One would have been quite enough.

  8. Beautiful photos you have. May I ask what camera are you using?