Friday, September 3, 2010


I probably spend as much time thinking about my garden when I am away as when I am at home. Usually, making plans for what I am going to do when I get home. I visit as many gardens and nurseries as I can. This year it was Denver, Red Butte in Salt Lake and Sawtooth Botanical Garden. As well as that, if we are in a town on a Saturday we will make a point of going to a few garage sales. Not something we ever do at home but it is fun to do it while on a road trip.
These were my finds this year along with a few gardening books.
A stainless steel kitchen compost container, complete with filters. Already I am enjoying using it. I used to be a bit lazy about the small stuff but now I have the container right in front of me it is easy. I think it was a bargain at $5.

3 terra cotta pots, made in Italy.
A sun and moon wall hanging.
A ceramic frog.
A leaf shaped plate which could serve as a bird seed holder or I could just use it at the table.
I rounded off the composition with a vase of Texas sunflowers. I said I wasn't going to let them grow in my garden this year but they didn't listen to me. I came back to a 6' tree. Where do they get the water from? Have they tapped into my water supply?


  1. Love your finds. As for the sunflowers, there's always one plant that decides to grow where it fancies, that's gardening for you...

  2. Good find. I find terracotta pots made in Italy to be more durable than others - at least those that I have tried in Australia.

    ps. Thanks for your comment re my capillary watering - much appreciated. I'll certainly try that when I need to use the method again.

    Have a nice weekend, Ev

  3. Ohh how I love terra cotta pots made anywhere, but I too find that Italian ones tend to be sturdier. I found a stack of tiny English pots at an antique store once. I loved them so much that eventually they just crumbled. lol

    Great finds!

  4. What a great buy on the compost container. Those stainless ones are very expensive.

  5. How fondly I remember making a detour for a garage sale with you two when we went down to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens last year. Great fun! Great finds!

  6. That stainless compost container is very trendy. It can holds one gallon of compost material and it is small enough to be in your kitchen.