Sunday, October 10, 2010


Zinnia linearis, Mexican or narrow leaf zinnia.

Just to show how tough these plants are. The seeds survived prolonged freezing temperatures last winter. In the decomposed granite, at the foot of the vegetable garden steps, orange white and yellow zinnias germinated in the spring, survived with no water during the long mid summer dry spell, but bounced back with vigor after the rain we had two weeks ago.

They are now basking in the 'wows' I give them every time I walk by.

They are putting on a similar show in the herb garden.

and the vegetable garden. Wouldn't you make a place for these little gems in your own garden? It's easy. Just buy some seeds and you'll have them every year. They flower from spring to frost. The original packet was from the 'star' series, which I have never seen again, but then even though I collect seeds every year, just in case, I hardly ever have to use them.


  1. A friend just put in a crushed granite area in her yard and I was telling her about your garden and how lovely it is. I especially like the way you let plants go to seed and mix about in the paths. I'll give her your blog info as I think she would really enjoy seeing what you've done.

  2. I'm not much of a seeder (and my garden is heavily mulched in any case), but I always plant a few of these each spring, and they are still blooming today. Lovely, tough little plants if you have a hot, sunny spot.

  3. I have never seen the plant or seeds for the Mexican zinnia. I think they would grow here in southwest FL. Where did you get the seeds?

    This summer I had tons of zinnias (the regular kind) and the bright orange cosmos. As seeds were produced, I scattered them. Had many comments about them.

  4. Me too,I have never seen the plant or seeds for the Mexican zinnia.

    I will be looking at Google!

    Love Thea

  5. Fantastic. I used to have those in Austin and I remember what troopers they were. I haven't been able to find them since though. Looks like you're sending a lot of us looking for them!

  6. In my garden, grows Zinnia elegans but I have to buy Zinnia linearis because I believe it can grow well in my zone.
    Your garden is a spectacle of flowers!!
    Thank you for showing it.