Friday, October 8, 2010


Today is a day to be spent working in the garden. But before work begins it is a time to take a tour, noting what must be done and snapping a few photographs. Until this spring this trellis was a tangle of Carolina jessamine. Very pretty in the spring and creating lots of shade in the summer, but it really was time for a fresh look. In the end I planted a new one along with a Snapdragon vine. However, it seems as though the chile pequin hankers after being a vine too! After we and the Mockingbird have enjoyed the bright red berries in the fall it will be removed.

Before the sun reaches the English garden it is a time to admire a Blackfoot daisy which seeded in the gravel in front of the dry stone wall. Everyone who knows my garden knows that I have a weakness for letting plants grow in the gravel and between the pavers. Of course it means more weeding but the joy of all my pretty self sown plants more than makes up for it.

The semicircular bed in the English garden, with its centerpiece Philippine Violet, is awash with annual narrow leaf zinnias and gomphrena. I'll be collecting seeds for next year to plant in other places.

More Blackfoot daisies spill over the dry creek in front garden.

The dry creek outside the wall is the place where I shall be spending my time today. The torrential rains we had 2 weeks ago resulted in the pea gravel washing into the larger river rocks. Just one job I didn't need to be doing but it has to be done.
Y'all have a nice weekend.


  1. Always love to look at your garden! Previously, you asked me about the pink zinnias on my blog. They are a variety of the narrow leaf. I would be happy to save some seeds for you....i have plenty! :)

  2. I just planted two 4" gomphrenas in my sunny bed. I hope they look as happy as yours next year!

  3. Thanks Amy. Yes, please on the zinnia seeds.

    The Whimsical Gardener-I don't know where you live but in my garden they don't live through the winter. They are annuals although you can save the seeds. In any case you will enjoy them through the fall even if they don't survive.

  4. Always nice to get a tour of your garden. And now I'm wondering how long it takes before a Lancashire rose starts using the expression "y'all." Have a great weekend in the garden.

  5. This is so interesting! I have a chile pequin trying to "vine" this year too. I sure wish I could have blackfoot daisy like you. And as always, your combinations make your garden stellar!

  6. Always such an inspiration to visit your garden blog. It's all so perfect. I'm hoping to have a day at home SOON to work in the garden. Isn't this fine weather?
    Happy Gardening!
    David/ Tropical Texana :-)

  7. Your garden is a wonderland! :)

  8. Denise- Oh but I do use that expression. After all Texas is now my home!
    Linda- I think the pequin just will just meet the moment. If the other plants nearby are vines it will be too.
    David-Yes, it does help to have plenty of time to garden especially in this simply gorgeous weather. Love it.
    Julie-Many thanks Julie.