Friday, October 15, 2010


Join Carol, of Maydreams, as she invites gardeners everywhere to share what is growing their gardens this mid October day.

A new player in the garden this month is the Japanese anemone. I simply adore this plant for its late fall bloom, high above the foliage. It has found a perfect spot in my English garden where it receives just the right amount of light. It is a non problematic spreader.

The first blooms on the Philippine violet start to appear, but next month it will be their turn to star on bloom day.

For now it is the turn of the huge drifts of Salvia leucantha. Two varieties. This the purple and white.

Here the all purple variety.

Felicia is in bloom again and we both stop by, every morning, to enjoy her fragrance.

Mexican marigold mint. Huge drifts of this fall bloomer among the gomphrena. We can't grow tarragon her but we can substitute the leaves of this plant for French herb.

What can I say about the amaranth. Invasive seeder and massive plant, but oh the papery blooms. Who wouldn't find a corner for this fall show stopper.
The garden is a frenzy of blooms. It feels like spring again with reblooming blanket flowers, salvias, blackfoot daisies, chocolate daisies among the lantana, zinnias, sunflowers, ruellia, four nerve daisies. Too many to mention and I was just a little late this morning to capture before the sun came up.
Happy bloom day everyone.


  1. I love the richness of your photography... the anemone is spectacular! L

  2. Oh, just lovely! My Japanese anemone failed; not enough water or maybe too much shade, but I want to try again. My fall stars haven't opened up yet, so I'm loving yours, as always!

  3. Great photos...that Anemone is like a dream...and I'm super jealous of your Salvia Leucantha...they aren't hardy here, but I can dream!

  4. I also spotted a bloom on my Philippine Violet, but it was gone by the next day when I returned with camera. Your Japanese anemone is quite impressive.

  5. I love your pink anemones and Mexican Bush Sage. Gorgeous. I have Felicia too and she's one of my favorites for fragrance.

  6. How lovely - you have a real 'spring-in-autumn' going on in your garden. The Japanese anemones do look good value for this time of year. I wonder if I might dare to plant some.