Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have a pot on my patio in which I planted two sweet potato vines.

For contrast the dark one and the chartreuse variety. They have fared well through the hot summer. In my absence a drip irrigation system kept them watered.

Yesterday, I saw a flower in the pot and recognizing it as a morning glory flower I bent down to see how such a seed had found its way into the pot. It wouldn't be a surprise to see one growing there because they pop up all the time in the garden, mostly where I don't want them. But this flower was on the sweet potato! I now learn that the sweet potato is not a member of the potato family, but only a distant relative. It is convolvulus, Ipomoea batatas, and this is a morning glory flower! I can only hope it doesn't behave like the other morning glories.


  1. Distant relatives do have a way of popping in unannounced don't they? Good looking relative though.

  2. That is a pretty surprise! The colors are very pretty together. Enjoy the great weather we are is so nice!

  3. That is such a nice surprise. I'd heard they flowered, but mine never do.

  4. I think flowering triggers the growth of new tubers in sweet potatoes, but I'm not positive on this. As far as I know, sweet potatoes aren't prolific seed bearers; furthermore, of the cultivars I've seen growing throughout the season, they are not prolific flower bearers either.

    Though they're an annual in our area, if you dig them up after the vines fade and let them cure you can save the tubers for the following year just like potatoes. If you don't cure them, they tend to rot in the pots.

  5. I've never seen a flower on one of these. Very interesting.

    Hope you're enjoying this wonderful weather.

  6. Paul-I think the good thing about this flower is that it isn't going to seed itself all over the place like the morning glory.
    Amy- I am enjoying the weather but now I would like some rain again, please. The garden is starting to dry out again.
    S- There are lots more little surprises on the way.
    Ajanhelendam-Thanks for the info and advice about storing the tuber. That will be a lot easier than trying to keep it alive. As I mentioned there are lots more flowers appearing but of course they only last one day.
    Patchwork-The weather is wonderful and the garden is happy. Enjoy being outside.

  7. Hi Rose,

    The flower looks idd like a Ipomea.De Ipoea in Holland We also have the Ipomea in our garden But this plant are unknown to me.

    Maybe it's the heat that make it flowers now ?

    Like it, enjoy it while!

    You may find it fun to look at my blog to?

    Greetings from Thea

  8. I used to use spent potting soil from my summer pots as mulch around the garden, and often had sweet potato volunteers in the spring as a result. Apparently tiny tubers that went unnoticed, and made themselves at home in the garden.

  9. I am wondering if sweet potato vine will grow all year long or is it only a summer grower? I love the look of these two colors together and could set up a tire full of them which would be just stupenous. I will have to investigate on the best time to plant, etc. Yours are so pretty!!!