Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Once in a while I do something completely out of character. Pull things out or rather give permission for someone to pull things out or cut things back.

We haven't been able to look through the archway, into the English garden, with an uninterrupted view, for years. The problem has been the pomegranate tree. Our lovely, fruitful pomegranate tree, with its yearly abundant harvest. But all was not well.

First of all the space was really too small. Well, it might have sufficed had I pruned it or even thought that it might need pruning. I didn't! I think I am paying the price. For two years branches, hanging over the entrance way, have been tied back with rope. I began to think about pruning it last year when a center branch died back. Unfortunately it might have been a branch that I would have left as it was more upright in its growth. This year, despite the harvest, more branches died back. I noticed the bark peeling away from the trunk and branches.

I didn't think was a good sign. Yes, it may have been a result of no rain all summer followed by 8" overnight, but I didn't think so. And so on Saturday, as I left for the garden bloggers' plant swap, I gave permission for the cutting off of several branches. It's hard for me to go cold turkey and say, "please remove the whole tree," but it may come to that in the end. I know I will replace it and prune it but oh, how I we will miss those pomegranates for the next few years. Or will I have to?

Tree number two is from a seed. Of course it is in the wrong place as plants often are in my garden. It is only 3 years old and this year had 2 small pomegranates. I meant to take it out in the winter, when it was dormant, but failed to do so. I'll bet I can't get it out now, although I know someone who is insisting I take it out and is willing to try! And that 's not all...

In the side entry D removed the flowering senna, all the rocks and graded the soil. All ready for a new planter. We are looking into a metal planter which will follow the lines of the walls and be planted with low maintenance plants. It's definitely the time of year for removing plants and making plans.


  1. It's like cutting off a part of yourself, isn't it?

    Your garden is so beautiful!

  2. What a magical place...love the wall with door leading from outside to outside!!! Gorgeous! Glad your other pomegranite is making for you already!!!

  3. Things always change. I like the fact that you've noticed the view more-so than the loss.

  4. I am just about ready to get rid of my senna tree, as well. I like the blooms, but it is a mess with all the seed pods and it breaks, etc. I guess change keeps things interesting. :)
    I bet a planter will be pretty in that spot.

  5. Whimsical gardener. Oh yes, it really hurts but most of all the thoughts of no poms.
    Julie- Thank you. I love looking through doorways. I even just like to imagine what is on the other side of a wall or through a gateway. As secret garden.
    Paul- Isn't it always the case when you have a good pull out and clean up. You suddenly remember what it was like for the first few years.
    Amy- Such a pretty tree when it's in flower, but as you say messy when it drops leaves and seeds and when new seedlings come up all over the place. I have several good seedling trees and I will try to plant them outside. Whether they make t or not will depend on how much rain we get this winter.

  6. Your garden is beautiful!!!! I love the view through the walkway. Things like that have always been my favorite- the glimpses into gardens. Sorry about the pomegranate tree but the second one from the seed- that is impressive!!! Hopefully it will give you more fruit next year.

  7. My wife has begged for a Pomegranite tree for years and I've finally planted one...it's more like a twig than a tree. It is so nice to know how fast they can grow. The doorway is gorgeous, though I know it was a hard decision. At least you have a backup tree. I think it looks great against that wall.
    Hope you're getting cool, crispy weather like we are.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  8. You guys amaze me with all your hardscaping that you do yourselves. I'm sure the new planter will look great. And that sunlight-and-doorway pic is beautiful.