Thursday, November 4, 2010


Earlier this week we bid farewell to 2 large vitex trees. Today it was the turn of the Celosia spicata. Some of the plants were over 6' tall and, quite frankly, were getting in the way. It was time to bid farewell to them too. But not before I cut of the flowers and brought them into the house.

What I didn't realize was that several bees were overnighting on the flowers and in the morning cold were still dozy. That was, until they came into the house!
Celosia has been a regular visitor to my garden for the last few years. I always allow a few to grow because the flowers are so beautiful and the dried flowers make wonderful arrangements.

In Texas seedlings grow so quickly that just a month ago I cleaned out everything in this bed. The native orange cosmos are back again.

I couldn't garden without the zinnias.

Spilling over the pathway in the vegetable garden. The warm fall days have brought a myriad of bees, butterflies and moths into the garden.

You can see I haven't walked between these two beds in quite a while. Eventually when winter sets in only the mullein will remain. That event is probably not far away now, as we had frost on the roof earlier this week.

The ruby crystals grass is one of my favorites. Unlike the Mexican feather grass its pink seed heads blow away in the wind instead of forming a tangled mass. The plant stays green all summer without supplemental water but as soon as rain comes it starts growing and produces a new flush of plumes.

One trial Cleome X Senorita Rosalita this year. More next year. It's a Proven Winner!


  1. The Celosia flower arrangement you created is lovely, Jenny. The addition of bees reminds me of a still-life by Jan van Os. Your native cosmos and zinnias are a riot of colour. What a spectacular garden as always.

    Have a beautiful autumn,

  2. Beautiful, as usual.

    It has been pretty cold, lately. Seems a bit early, to me...but, I'm still new to this area. It was 28 here this morning. Soon time to take out the summer bloomers.

    I agree about the Cleome. A real Winner.

  3. I've gotta have some of those orange cosmos! The cheery feel of your garden is delightful!

  4. The autumn is the best moment for the changes!!
    I don't know Celosia spicata, but it is precious! A striking color

    The Zinnias are fabulous, a spectacle!! I like it very much these different colors of orange.

  5. your garden as the most incredible colors, I never get tired of your pictures!

  6. Oh, there you go again, Jenny, making me envious of all your cheerful flowers! Your garden looks as beautiful as ever. And I have to say, that dovecote in the background does suit it nicely!

  7. Oh, now I simply must have that celosia and the ruby crystals grass! I love your zinnias, too. Mine are finally looking good, but nothing like yours. I too, cut flowers recently, to find some "friends" who warmed up indoors. I captured them to return to their outdoor home. Really, your garden is a constant inspiration!

  8. I love the color of the celosia, that arrangement looks lovely. Your garden is still so full of blooms and color. I'm envious!

  9. Lancashire Rose - Your Celosia is stunning. I put some in an arrangement from my garden this week, too, but I didn't cut it back. It's huge and blooming and...full of bees! I had to talk to them as I was snipping a few blooms. I can see why you would just find another way to reach those two beds - disturbing thos beautiful flowers would be such a shame. Your garden looks amazing. Are you ready for frost soon? I wrote my Statesman article last night about protecting plants from freeze and they are running it early because they are afraid we will get an early freeze!