Friday, November 19, 2010


I always pay attention when the weather man says there is going to be a freeze in the hill country but not in the city. We are only 7 miles from downtown, but frequently the coldest spot in the area. So last night I covered and brought in and picked.

I picked all the peppers, squash and tomatoes.

Glad I did.

Some plants, like this Berggarten sage, don't mind the dusting of ice crystals.

But the basil is a different matter. By tonight the leaves on this plant will have turned black.

The bees will no longer want to visit the flowers on this Thai basil plant, which I photographed yesterday afternoon. This weekend I will have my work cut out pulling out all the damaged plants. Winter is finally on the way.


  1. Interesting - our 1st hard freeze was yesterday AM, so in your part of the Hill Country it moderated into your 1st frost.

    Each cold front brings us all one step closer to winter!

  2. It was 26 here this morning, in Wimberley valley.

    I didn't pay close enough attention. I'm hoping things that didn't get covered will be ok. I'm sure there will be some mushy stuff to pull out, though. Begonias and impatiens don't like too much cold. They gave us a long run, though.

    Stay warm.

  3. I had to leave work yesterday early so that I had enough light to pull all the tomatoes and peppers. Hopefully most of the tomatoes will ripen in the house so that I can freeze them. I have been watching the weather closely the past few weeks since having to cover everything. Winter is coming.

  4. We only dropped to 37. The Juliet tomatoes are still producing. It won't be long before I can pull them out and plant more broccoli. Will have to put cages up around the lime trees this weekend.