Thursday, January 6, 2011


I need to borrow my neighbors night cam. He has captured some amazing shots of night prowlers in our neighborhood.

I'd certainly like to capture this critter. He has decimated my broccoli. Every single head and some leaves too. He finished off by sweetening his breath with some parsley leaves.

Then moved on to eat California poppy. I think it has to be a rabbit although the poppy is in a raised bed which would require a hop . On the other hand rabbits tend to be delicate eaters and something really had a go at the broccoli.

I set out the havahart last night hoping to tempt with asparagus. No luck though.


  1. Yikes! That's a rude discovery to make. Maybe put some broccoli and parsley in the trap?

  2. No doubt! A wildlife camera or two would be so good, esp if one could be zoomed in on certain plants to spy on insects, raccoons, etc.

    Physically watching rabbits devour most of the new plants here when the house was built was amazing...cactus, sotol, etc plants - and most of those were chosen since they were less likely to be eaten. But I knew nothing in drought or in winter is safe.

    It took 1-2 years to toughen them up to truly be resistant to rabbits, but those are woody or big landscape plants, not edibles.

  3. I hate the rabbits. I've taken to putting chicken wire around the base of new plants to keep them from destroying everything. Usually they leave stuff alone after it gets bigger, BUT I have a 5 gal anacacho orchid they attacked this summer...almost gnawed through a trunk. The chicken wire will have to be there a while. And my roses...they eat the bottom of my roses too, thorns and all. We also use the traps and move out as many as we can. As for your broccoli...your culprit could be voles. I had some attack my veggie garden once, similar damage. I used those little black no-kill rodent traps with dry dogfood as bait. Worked really well. Good luck!

  4. Ugh! Heartbreaking. I know, bun's gotta eat, but still. I would be crushed.

  5. I'm sorry to see that something is eating your garden. I know how upsetting that is.

  6. It maybe a possum. They have eaten my Cauliflower here before. They will eat just about any thing.

    If you want to get a game camera your self, Academy has a good, simple one on sale right now for $69.95. It interested just let me know.