Tuesday, February 1, 2011


A new world record for the smallest cauliflower ever grown has been bestowed upon my garden. By me. This little beauty measures exactly 1" across and weighs 1/4oz, which works out to be about $64 lb. Don't think I will be bothering to grow cauliflower again. Mind you, the poor plant did have a tough time, having had most of its leaves eaten by garden visitors, along with the 6 broccoli plants which grew along side. I only bought one plant just to try out.

I may just have to entreat a certain person to create some more of those net covered structures I have in my vegetable garden. I planted 4 more broccoli plants under cover and they have produced some beautiful heads.

In fact I went out this morning to cut the broccoli, chard and napa cabbage because it is going to get brrrh cold tonight. In the low teens. Even as I collected this morning ice was forming on the chard. I have taken into the greenhouse, potting shed and house all those potted plants which will not stand temperatures in the low teens. I uprooted the last A.desmettiana, still in the ground. It would be foolish to leave it out there as it would not survive.

I have tucked in the plants in the greenhouse with their hot water bottles, just as my mother did when I was a child. No eiderdown but extra blankets over the sago palms. Goodnight garden!


  1. Tiny but pretty! My cauliflower was disappointing, too. Your broccoli is beautiful and looks much bigger than mine.

    My cauliflower and broccoli leaves, however, are huge, so I guess I'll come up w/yet another greens soup.
    --Iris/Society Garlic

  2. Mr. P thinks growing veggies works out to too much money. I keep trying, but I don't have the knack you do.

    You use wine bottles for your 'hot water bottles'? Somehow I thought of only milk jugs...hmmm...

    This cold snap will tell the tale. I won't have anything left, by the time I get back. Starting over....again.

    Stay warm....

  3. Congratulations on your world record cauliflower!!! LOLOL...you had me laughing right out loud! It has happened to me!!! My broccoli does well here too, and boy does it taste wonderful right out of the garden! I love swiss chard (one I just discovered) and I was so pleased to see you growing some. I think I will try it real soon!!! Best wishes with your low temps...looks like everyone is tucked in for the night! Hope you are too!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  4. It's good to know I'm not the only one that can't grow cauliflower worth a lick. I wish now that I'd harvested all my chard, especially since I went outside this morning to discover the wind had blown the floating row cover right off.

  5. Iris- I didn't know we could eat the leaves. Of course there are none on the cauliflower but plenty on the broccoli. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Patchwork- Actually the wine bottles heat up better than the milk jugs, especially the dark ones.
    Julie- i'm glad I only bought one plant and next year it is covering on all the vegs.
    Caroline- I'm getting the message that cauliflower is not easy to grow. I'll stick to easier ones next time.