Sunday, March 6, 2011


We finally have a new pot to spill into the pool. This replaces the old pot which broke apart after the extended freezes we had this last winter.

The original pot was a Mexican egg pot, we bought at Miguel's about 10 years ago. Mexican pots are not known to be long lived when they are left out in the elements, and this one was no exception. The rim of the pot gradually broke off in pieces over the years and I was always fearful that the whole pot would break apart while we were gone and the water would spill, drain the pool and burn out the pump. Luckily we were around when we noticed the big crack.

We began searching last year, but to no avail. Of all the hundreds of pots at Miguel's we just couldn't find one as perfect as the first one. Now it was urgent to find a new one. Then we spotted a resin pot at HD. It was limestone colored-wrong for our garden, but I got busy with a sponge and some paints and changed the color to one more suited to our landscape. A final coat of sealer and the new pot was put in place and the water turned on. I have a feeling that this one may last a little longer. I may have to spruce it up from time to time but I don't think I have to worry about cracks any more.

The second loss this winter, and this was a big one, was the demise of the barrel cactus I have grown in a pot for the last 10 years. Maybe they suffered badly last winter when the pot was outside during the deepest freeze we have had in some years or maybe it was the this years winter rain, followed immediately by prolonged freeze. Rain and cold are the enemy of cactus and succulents. Yesterday, I noticed liquid oozing from the pot and an unpleasant smell. I took this photograph this morning just before David tackled getting it out. It was easy, the cactus were hollow, rotted completely away, leaving only the center stem.

This one not so easily replaced.


  1. Wow, great painting job on the new pot! It looks wonderful.

    I lost several barrel cacti too this winter. All of mine are in pots for drainage. The ones closer to the house lived; further in the garden they got too cold and wet, I guess.

  2. Sorry to hear about your cactus Jenny. These past couple of winters have been a doozy.

  3. What a simple yet incredible picture of the pot/pool first photo- you have the best shots. I love looking at your photos. Bummer on the cactus. I know- things that should have been alright were not alright with this past winter craziness we had. Hopefully we are done with the freezes and spring will roll in. That is the most bizarre photo- the last one- never seen the inside of one of those.

  4. Shame about the cactus, but looking further down the page, your spring flowers are lovely!

  5. ditto on the pot looking so nice. And I'm pretty sure that a bunch of the cacti/succulents I had are goners - especially the agaves. And ice plant doesn't like ice...who knew?

  6. I agree...the new pot looks great. Hopefully it will hold up better.
    We lost our barrel cactus, too.
    There's a lot to replace this year.