Monday, March 21, 2011


The contestants vying for the spot as biggest vine in the garden are the Lady Bank's rose, Rosa banksiae 'Lutea', in the front garden. Without fail she has bloomed every year with every bit of vigor she could muster. Neither deep freezes nor drought seem to stop her. With temperatures soaring into the 80s for the last week she has opened every bud for another amazing show.

She blooms on both sides of the wall and is heading up into the oak trees.

She's trouble free. No bugs no diseases-just how I like it.

The second contestant is the cross vine, Bignonia capreaolata. She would probably win the prize for climbing higher into the trees, but on the wall behind the swimming pool she has to contend with completely enveloping the top, sides and end of the wall.
I enjoy both these show stopping blooms from inside the house, too.

Give them both the prize.


  1. Your cross vine is INCREDIBLE!!!!!! I love the Lady Banks as well- hard not to, but the cross vine is beautiful. I responded to your comment on my blog- but am still like a little kid filled with pride that you said my planting was lovely. I did that one all by myself. Coming from you...well.... huge. Thanks. =)

  2. The Cross Vine is stunning!!! What a wonderful place for it to spill down right there by the pool...and to see it from inside too...just fantastic!!!

  3. Gorgeous!!! Your photo's always blow me away. Simply the best!! Any updates on your travel plans? I know you must be extremely disappointed about Egypt. I'm disappointed for you, as I had hoped to hear all about your trip. Did you ever get that refund?

  4. Beautiful and inspiring! How long will both of these stay in bloom? Any fragrance?

  5. I never know if you check back and see my response to your blog comments, but was thinking about you just now. Gosh, I don't even know your name! Anyway, I'm right now looking up flight tickets to the Middle East. The host family in Israel told me it's not that bad there at all. They also shared a ton of family portraits of their farm and kids. I really want to volunteer there. Anyway, I would hate to see you and your husband miss out on such an awesome trip. Without going through a tourgroup, you could see Israel AND Petra. I could give you the contact info for the group I went with in Eilat, Israel. Anyway, my email is -, or you can find me on facebook - Helen Ruth Cates.

    I'm glad you got your refund back! Were they based in Egypt? I don't find them necessarily dishonest, but they DO bargain hard.

  6. And you get a prize for having the foresight to plant them.

  7. Amazing plants for sure. I can grow crossvine, but not Lady Banks. I'm too far north, but just one hour south, she thrives. I love seeing these and posted it on Facebook for you. Great specimens of both plants.~~Dee

  8. Kacky- I don't think you need a green thumb to have success with these vines and what a display-but where are the humming birds. These flowers are especially for them.
    Julie-Thanks. For a brief moment in the garden year it is a fantasy of flowers.
    Diana- Wow is the word. I keep saying that myself.
    Helen-Yes, we got a full refund. Took some doing but it finally came through. Maybe in a few years things will have settled down there. I hope you manage to find some better air fares to make it possible for you to go as it would be a wonderful experience for both of you.
    Alan- No fragrance and their bloom lasts a couple of weeks. The cross vine will send out a few more flowers throughout the year.
    Dee- Interesting. We had some pretty cold weather here last year and it seemed not to bother the lady at all. I think it was about 15 here. Are you really that cold?