Monday, April 4, 2011


On Saturday morning, on our way to do our usual weekend walk around Lady Bird Lake trail, we stopped in to see if there was anything that I simply had to have at the Austin Cactus and Succulent sale.

I really did have a mission. Another claret cup cactus, Echinocereus triglochidiatus, to go with the one I bought last year, and which has so delighted us with its gorgeous red, long lasting flowers, this spring. I was lucky. I spotted one with two in the pot. That will make a perfect group when added to the one I already have.

My other mission was to find a few succulents to add to the ones I already had. They were to go in this planter. Several years ago, when my son moved into his house and was cleaning out a shed I spied this wooden 'something'. It might have been a tool box made in a school woodworking class. I definitely had a mind to repurpose it. It has kicked around for 4 years, first in the potting shed, then in the greenhouse. A few weeks ago David drilled a few holes in the bottom and painted it with some left over stain. Today I planted it up with the three plants I bought on Saturday.

Along with them are passalongs from garden friends, and all that remain of my graptopetalum which suffered heavy losses this winter.

A couple of other succulent planters are very happy to be out of the potting shed and into the fresh air. They are taking on new color and growth.


  1. Love your succulent plantings- those are so much fun to make up!!!

  2. The title of this post scared me a little, but now I see you don't really mean it. So nice when that stuff that's been kicking around for years finally gets some use. I think I've got a shed-full.

  3. What a great repurpose of an old school project! Your succulent collection is beautiful!

  4. All of your sux are stunning! I know they are happy to be out in the sun and fresh air again!!!

  5. Very nice! Succulents are just perfect for containers, aren't they?

  6. Wonderful succulents! I am a good friend of Julie and have my own Succulent blog. I love how you made that old tool box (or whatever) into a planter. It looks great!

  7. i think that may be a chicken feeder!

  8. Kacky- I did have fun making this up. I hope the plants are happy in their new home.
    Denise- Oh, I have plenty of projects waiting int he wings. It seems there is a wait time of about 4 years.
    Katina and Mandy- Thanks. Always on the look out for a new idea.
    Julie-I just hope they aren't finding our unusually hot spring too testing.
    Alan- And they take a lot less work than other plants too.
    Candy- Thanks for visiting. Enjoyed visiting your blog.
    Anon-Now really!! I can well imagine that it might have been but what it was doing in the middle of Dallas I have no idea. Do you have some good authority on its beginnings? I tried searching on google but didn't find anything like it.