Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm one of those people who has difficulty throwing away gardening magazines. I have great piles of them. From time to time I do go through them and cut out pages of interest. I took a huge pile of old Sunset magazines with me this summer and while on the road went through them cutting out anything of relevance to gardening design. When I have to find a place to put the clippings I open the doors of this little Korean chest and in they go.

The untidy mass of papers were stacked to the top. All manner of things, from my Wildflower Center files to garden projects, cuttings on how to grow bamboo, clematis, vegetables for Texas, articles from Austin American Statesman, list of deer proof plants, a folder with photos of the garden, taken in the days when I really did take photos. Thank heaven for the digital camera. This afternoon, while we enjoyed yet another summer day in the high 90s, I set to work going through everything.

I made piles, on the floor, of articles I wanted to keep. A huge stack went into the recycling. I reminded myself of all those projects I was going to do. I read through the cards we received from people after we were on garden tours. That was a really fun look back. I did look at some photos of the garden in its early days and thought how awfully bare it looked even though I was proud of it at the time. It crossed my mind that my ideas on landscaping have changed quite a bit in the last 10 years. It is quite clear that I now favor the desert landscape, even the more minimalist approach to design and planting. Of course my garden will never be like that for the same reason the cupboard was overflowing with cuttings. But for now everything is back in the cupboard and I have lots more space for the next lot of clippings. The unfortunate thing was I didn't find the articles I was looking for. I'm sure I put them in there.


  1. I can relate.
    I have piles of pages ripped out of magazines, articles, etc. Sometimes, when I get around to cleaning out, I wonder what was on some page that was so interesting.
    Now my computer is getting crowded. Photos of paths and patios and different plants. I have to clean it out, too.
    It's good to know I'm not the only one.

  2. Sounds like a great afternoon project! I can relate to that feeling of looking back at old pictures and seeing how different the garden really looked from how you saw it! As in "but those plants weren't really that small were they?"...we gardeners have amazing future vision sometimes.

  3. I have the same situation going on over here. Too many magazines and clippings!!! But I don't want to get rid of them. There are a lot of good ideas in them. And it's still too hot here to go outside and get work done:(

  4. I think it's nice to go back through old clippings to see if my tastes have changed. I never throw any out--even though I always start out with the best of intentions. Well, it's great fun on a cold winter's night at any rate. You have a good idea-having a chest for them.