Wednesday, September 21, 2011


There are lots of opportunities for spring blooming here in Texas. I am talking about that group of plants called the hardy annuals. Those seeds that you can sow in the fall, winter over and bloom early in the year before the heat sets in. The list is long.

I have already done some of my seed shopping. I took advantage of a 25% discount on the new seed selections for 2012 at my local nursery. There are some plants I just don't want to live without. Many are the flowers of my childhood; larkspur, snapdragons, poppies, alyssum, cornflowers, rose campion.
Some seeds are already waiting in the garden for the first fall rains; bluebonnets, Ca poppies, Flander's poppies and Love-in-a-mist seeds are already in the ground from last year.

In the area where I was working on the new dry creek just look how many bluebonnet seeds have already germinated. They took advantage of the water sprayed during the clean up. I also have bag of bluebonnet seeds that I saved from the spring. Thee I will sow in selective places around the outside garden just as soon as I hear there is rain on the way.


  1. Look at all those seed packets. Have fun mixing it all together.

  2. I'm gonna give bluebonnets one more try...I don't think I have adequate drainage...I'm always inspired by your spring blooms.

  3. I've read somewhere that many seeds find it easier to germinate in pebble-y you find this to be true?