Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today has been designated Wildflower Wednesday by Gail at Clay and Limestone, and I was more than ready to hop on the band wagon. Here are the plants that are blooming in my Texas garden on Wildflower Wednesday.

Blackfoot daisy, Melampodium leucanthum.

Four nerve daisy, Tetraneuris scaposa

Lindheimer senna,

Cross vine, Bignonia capreolata.

Zexmenia, Wedelia texana.

Chocolate daisy, Berlandiera lyrata.

Skull cap, Scutellaria  wrightii

Banket flower, Gaillardia pulchella

Texas sunflower, Helianthus praecox.

Persimmon fruit, Diospyros texana. This tree seeded itself along side the potting shed wall. Not much room there but it will have to stay.

Lantana, Lantana horrida.
All these plants made it through an incredibly hot summer. Some with little water.


  1. Ought oh. Your crossvine is blooming? Mine's not. It's relatively new to my yard. I'll have to keep a close eye on it. Yay for natives!

  2. That's way more than I got...of course, the only things blooming right now are the Cedar Sage/Tropical Sage and Turk's Cap. and I think the zexmenia and mistflower are getting ready to. So that's still a win in my book.

  3. All the fall stuff is blooming here, but grasses have gone south fast - dry like they usually are in May-June! very nice in your parts...enviable!

  4. jenny, I am so glad you shared these beauties with us. Love the Crossvine flowers~This one is especially lovely. I am going to see if I can get one to drap all over Hedge. Happy WW! gail

  5. Nice photos and post. Miss living in south texas, except this year. lol.

  6. Ah-despite our very different locations, I am trying one of your list this year-Scutellaria. I just got my High Country Gardens order a few weeks back and I'm hopeful mine will end up as healthy looking as yours. My rock garden/concrete driveway churns out some HOT conditions and hopefully this beauty will manage that AND my cold , snowy winters.

  7. I got 4 Scutellaria last year and one this year to try for next year, I hope they will take hold and persist in my garden.

    Aw, a fruit on your persimmon. I have some seedling American ones that are not getting over my head but no fruit. Then I have a couple I bought grafted and the tops died so I am left with the rootstocks, who knows if I will get fruit from them. I have heard of making tea from the leaves so am going to dry some soon. Pretty photos. I grew up in Texas, the roadside wildflowers there were incredible.

  8. I think natives deserve extra applause this year. I don't know where my drought unhappy garden would be without them.~~Dee

  9. I've never seen Lindheimer senna before it is prettier than any senna I know of here in the southeastern US. Enjoyed this posting.

  10. You have so many marvelous natives in your garden! Beautiful.