Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I haven't seen deer around the house for ages. Then the other day two males visited the water butt for a drink.

It prompted me to set up the infra red camera to see if anyone else was visiting.

The deer come around several times a day and the camera captured a pecking order among them. A young male was on his way over to the water when he veered away. In comes a larger male with a bigger rack. They hang around together but the leader gets first dibs.

Then there is the pair of foxes. Round several times a night.

So there are raccoons around here. This is the first one I have ever seen. He's probably the one who was eating my cantaloupes. Grrh!! It's fun to see what wildlife shares this piece of land with us.


  1. Oh yea! You got the camera. It is addicting. Just watch and see. hahah I was impressed with the photos- don't you think they are good?

  2. Where I live, I have got to set up one of these remote cameras!

  3. So how are you feeling about this parade of thirsty critters? (they must really appreciate your water bucket)

  4. We have deer here all day. In fact, Mr P just refilled the bucket, and they're standing over it. Will have to refill again.
    Our neighbor has raccoons who come into her garden room. She leaves a window open for the cats. They've been dragging her metal birdseed holder all the way out into the yard.
    And, a person who posts on the Wimberley Valley Forum has porcupine who comes to his water trough. Now THAT is a surprise to me. Didn't know there were any in Texas.
    No telling who will show up!

  5. I must say your raccoon looks skinny compared to the ones I've seen at my yard. I guess the city raccoons have more dining options that your country coons.

  6. My husband is getting one of those cameras for Christmas. How cool! And Linda, one of my neighbors had a porcupine on her porch several weeks ago

  7. OOO, I need to get one of these...I lost a melon to something with sharp teeth (and then I promptly covered the other one with a flowerpot to keep it from getting eaten), but I do wonder what animals come by the water bowls/garden out back and the water dish out front - the only ones I know about are the cats, birds, and squirrels, but it wouldn't surprise me if the coyotes came for the water and the possibility of a delicious cat.

  8. I guess it could photograph the two legged creatures too.

  9. Kacky- Yes, can't wait to get the card out every morning and see what came by.
    Desert dweller- You probably have javelinas and coyotes.
    Danger garden- As long as they don't eat my plants everything is ok.
    Linda- At our other house I had an automatic feeder for cat-until I caught the raccoon tucking in. We saw a porcupine on the road last week. Road kill. We both said the same thing."A porcupine?"
    Abbey- i can't imagine why. he ate all my
    cynthia- Is it going to be a surprise? I am happy with this ne so far. 6 meg with infra red on the advice of my hunting neighbor.
    katina- Don't know where you are but I'll bet you have the full gamut of critters. Maybe no deer though.
    Greggo- Don't know just how sensitive it is but it really does well in daylight. Bit grainy at night.

  10. What a cool idea. I would do it here, but I know what comes around at night. Possums are one ugly animal, racoons mess with my fish and we also have tree rats, which I don't need to see. They all seem to thrive in the city.

  11. I love your camera idea. If I saw deer or a fox, I would be bouncing off the walls. Great shots of the animals. Very exciting stuff.

  12. How interesting! Was the camera easy to set up? I love the foxes!

    Years ago, when we had a bad spell of drought, I was amazed at the critters that showed up at the bird bath. Now that I live in the far north-I'm sure I'd REALLY see some neat things!

  13. Les-Tree rats? Are those the same as roof rats? We have cotton rats but they eat seeds and vegs. and don't want to come inside the house.
    Roherbot-Those males are beauties. I only hope my neighbor doesn't use them for bow and arrow practice.
    Sue-Christmas present! It came with the bungie cords to strap to a tree. Pretty easy to set up.

  14. An infrared camera! How fun! It's neat to see your foxes stopping by for a drink.

  15. I'm pretty sure Les means Gray Squirrels. lol A lot of creatures certainly appreciate that water trough!