Friday, October 7, 2011


This is the first preying mantis I have seen this year and boy was she/he doing a dance. Wouldn't keep still jigging back and forward. I decided she was doing a rain dance because she was heading towards the sprinkler on the vegetable bed. Even the mantis is excited about our 40% chance of rain this weekend.

Then as I walked along the path and, what I can only assume was, a male monarch, swooped in onto, what I can only assume was, a female monarch and then began a violent, frantic, thrashing,  frenzied jig. Really!

Eventually things calmed down enough to get a clear picture and they eventually flew off together.

Earlier that morning, when I was inspecting the bloom on the yucca I noticed a leaf footed bug in one of the flower bud axils. He was so dozy I was able to pluck him off and dispose.

Nothing is going to spoil this bloom. Time is getting closer.


  1. Ooo, still waiting for the great yucca bloom!
    Fabulous sights for a morning. I hope the rain dance works!

  2. It is raining here at the house a little - I will take what I can get- rain is rain. This weekend though I hope they are right and we get something substantial. Those preying mantis's are so bizarre to me- I saw one the other day as well- they are just alien like to me. It cracks me up how they will look at you and turn their heads ha ha. Great monarch photo. The bloom is getting closer!!! Can't wait!

  3. It's been a busy time in your garden! We have to dispatch those bad bugs to where ever! I still love the Gomphrena! gail

  4. I visited San Angelo last weekend and the Monarchs were loaded.

  5. Indie- Saturday is here and the bloom is showing signs of opening at the bottom. WIth rain and cloud in the forecast it may be a few more days.
    Kacky- We missed the rain yesterday but visitors told me they had rain in Rollingwood and that is so close. Still. today's the day right?
    Gail-Yes, those leaf footeds are one of my worst enemies. Little suckers.
    Greggo- Only a handful here. I guess we are too far east. Glad you got the show.

  6. Well that rain dance obviously worked! Happy Sunday!