Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Please join our hostess, Carol of Maydreams, who invites us to share our February blooms.

When I went outside this morning to look for blooms I was really surprised to see that the Ipheion uniflorum was in bud. It was in the shade so I thought I'd wait until I came home in the afternoon. By then the whole clump was in bloom. I have 3 clumps. Two will bloom, the third has been eaten down by critters.

Later on in the afternoon the summer snowflake, Leucojum aestivum,  had opened one bloom.

There are always a few larkspur that jump the gun.

and a couple of grape hyacinths peaking above their lanky foliage.

A few blanket flowers, Gaillardia pulchella, will risk blooming early.

Erigeron daisy in the sunken garden.

and lots of four nerve daisies, Tetraneuris scaposa, in the from garden.

 Sweet alyssum, in all its many shades.

early blooming purple skullcap, Scutellaria wrightii.

The viburnum, Viburnum tinus, spring bouquet. Pink buds open to white flowers.

And now for the February surprise blooms. The color of this gazania is a real surprise. Started from seed last year it sulked its way through the fierce Austin summer, took advantage of the warm winter and voila. February bloom.

Another gazania in the sunken garden. You never know what the colors will be in a mixed seed packet.

Usually Verbena bonariensis, dies over the winter. Not this year. I have several clumps 2' across. I am torn between pulling them out and saving them. If only they were in the right place.

Despite these early blooms the garden is really still in its awakening state with green being the predominant color. Give it another month and it will be awash with color.
Wherever you may be I hope you are all enjoying February bloom day in your garden.


  1. I am "green" with envy. Actually, all I have is snow, but you know what I mean. Love the pink gazania--what a pretty shade.

  2. Such beautiful photographs, sun, green, color. Waiting for me - in May?

  3. There is so much to love about your garden, even if it never bloomed.

  4. So beautiful as always. Gets me excited for Spring which is still quite as ways away up here in WI.

  5. Beautiful blooms and so many. I'm taking notes to plant more of those early bloomers here.

    It's wonderful to have such a mild winter after the last two were so cold.

  6. Great post for GBBD!
    The gazania is spectacular!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  7. You have so much blooming! You just have the touch.
    I have pansies.

    Happy Bloomday.

  8. aloha,

    love all the hardscaping, makes your plantings beautiful...what a surprise on that gazania, i've never tried doing those from seed before...what is that one called?

  9. Your garden is certainly waking from its slumber. I love that Scutellaria. I grow a variety of Scutellaria too, but I just love the purple of your wrightii. The clumps of Alyssum look terrific and I just adore your little summer Snowflake.

  10. Absolutely beautiful...your garden has quite a bit more color than mine, that's for sure ;-) I've been wondering which Viburnum my neighbor has in her garden that looks just like I know!

  11. Don't you love the Gazanias!!! Everything looks beautiful!

  12. I love that viburnum but it has soil issues here. Your gazanias remind me of Christopher Lloyd, who loved them quite a bit too. Happy Bloom Day!

  13. Very nice. Love the gazania, so bold. Everythings doing so well there, you must be very excited. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Beautiful collection for February.
    I miss my Alyssum so much. After seeing all your different shades, I really must go get some for the rock garden.
    Happy GBBD!

  15. Your blooms in their awakening are beautiful! Your climate allows for such interesting different than where I live.

  16. Sue- Wanted to leave a comment on one of your postings but couldn't find the comment link!

  17. So many beautiful flowers. That Gazania is a real show stopper, but that little summer nnowflake is just adorable. Nature has so much variety.

  18. So many blooms! I posted about four-nerve daisy - but had a different name (Hymenoxis scaposa)? I bet you're right and I'm wrong. Never heard of gazania - but so striking. I'm waiting impatiently for summer snowflakes to bloom!

  19. How wonderful to see all the blooms in your garden. Nothing much blooming in mine yet, just lots of leaves poking up. I have to be a little more patient.

  20. Is there a new daisy that blooms all year long? I live in Dalla TX.