Friday, February 24, 2012


Yesterday the mercury on the thermometer registered 90°

Daffodils bloomed alongside gazanias.

 As the temperature climbed the first California poppy of the season unfurled its delicate petals.

By afternoon a clump were in bloom.

And more gazanias opened with their companion alyssum.

The Texas Mountain Laurel opened its blooms which immediately began to fade in the heat.

The dwarf iris, Iris reticulata, bloomed in the sunken garden.

The viburnum 'spring bouquet' flowers  changed from pink to white.

And tiny daffodils in the sunken garden bloomed amongst the columbine leaves.

Today is a different day. During the night a chilly wind blew in and this morning it is still there with the temperature hovering at 45° We are forecast a cold night tonight. I may have to return some of my plants to their winter quarters.
The little calamondin tree has blown over and oranges are scattered on the ground.

California poppies and gazanias are closed this morning. It is too unpleasant to work outside. It's just another day in the roller coaster ride of Texas weather.


  1. It could be worse--we've got 4" of the white stuff so far and more on the way. Hubby and I are thankfully headed out soon to AZ.
    I am glad, to say the least.
    I just love all the color you's a shame you have to drag things in and out. Best to you!

  2. Good old Texas Weather. It'll be warm again, soon. Hopefully, not too warm, too soon.

    Your garden is lovely.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. We're having fluctuating weather in NC as well - but not that hot, thankfully! Ninety degrees in late winter, oh my! I hope that is not foreboding for summer.. Your plants are beautiful though!

  4. February is so unpredictable. We're having thunderstorms and tornado watches today.

    I can hardly wait for California poppies; other poppies, too.

  5. The Death Star and now, blue norther...oh my! I will not gripe about 66F and sun yesterday and 51F and sun today (but less wind).

  6. I have red poppies blooming the the plants are huge! I much prefer the weather today than yesterday's--I'm not ready for the long and hot!

  7. I guess our winter was so mild compared to normal that three of my gazanias have survived so far too. Normally they all die by the end of November. The first photo with the daffodils and gazanias is gorgeous.

  8. 90 degrees in February...ouch! I do hope that isn't a precursor to a super-hot summer! Even in a typical year (weather-wise) this is such an unsettled time of year...those wild swings in temp/precip can really confuse our poor plants :-(

  9. mmm, california poppies...I miss my california poppies...maybe I should plant some again.

  10. Yikes, 90? I thought 84 was bad. I so hope March is a mellow month, temperature wise.