Sunday, April 29, 2012


The royal tiara is out again today, but this time to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Duke and Duchesse of Cambridge.
BBC America reminded me by showing the Royal Wedding again this afternoon. After a morning in the garden followed by a 5 mile walk I was ready to flop into a chair and do nothing. Nothing, that is, except shed the odd tear listening to the choral music in Westminster Abbey and the Pomp and Circumstance of the whole thing.  Play me a bit of Elgar and I am well away.  
Call me an old softy but I enjoyed it all again.
Happy Anniversary William and Kate.


  1. I like Elgar too, but the Parry was a revelation! I must have only heard inferior performances before. Love your little cactus!

    1. I agree about Parry. I hadn't remembered this from the first time around but I was very moved this time. I am just the same when I hear Elgar. Nimrod is one of my favorites.