Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The front courtyard garden is shaded in the early morning and today I decided this is where we should be eating our breakfast.

The sun soon reaches the dining patio in the back and although we have always had breakfast in the English garden in the summer because of this, for some reason this year we have not breakfasted in there one time. We thought of it the other morning but our neighbor is digging a well and the noise of the drill was bouncing off our high walls.

The coolness of the morning air and the trickle of the little water feature, hidden behind the Whale's tongue agave, A. ovatifolia,  are a perfect accompaniment to breakfast.

The problem is the seating. We have been nursing these chairs along for several years. Out in the elements for 10 years they are starting to break up. One leg has already rusted through and has a splint made from re-bar. The table, made form a flue pipe and piece of sandstone, is too low.

So, I'm on the look out for something to replace. Here's hoping I find something before summer is over.


  1. This looks like a lovely place for breakfast.
    We have those same chairs. They've held up well, but they've been under a roof the whole time.
    It'll be fun to see what you find for a replacement.

  2. What a great spot for breakfast!
    And lunch!
    And supper!!
    Oh heck, just MOVE out there. It's gorgeous!

  3. I was wondering when you used that front spot to "breakfast"! Amazing how it goes from one place working to relax in, only to have that place be too hot. (have to figure out what to do with a cafe table I have, surface shot from heat, sun, cold, etc)

  4. It's a perfect corner for breakfast ...
    Sure you find the right furniture and the result will be a success!