Thursday, October 18, 2012


It is showtime for the flowers that bloom in the fall.

Here is the big show-stopper Philippine violet, Barleria cristata. What a beauty she is. Responding to the shorter days she is now blooming in all her glory in the English garden.

The Japanese anemone is another fall bloomer which enjoys light to partial shade in the English garden. It spreads easily by underground runners so I always have lots to share.

In a corner of the vegetable garden, Mexican mint marigold, Tagetes lucida, is our Texas substitute for French tarragon.

The flowers on my plumbago, Plumbago auriculata, which grows in morning sun do not appear until later summer.

Texas sunflowers, blanket flowers, globe mallow and alyssum are also enjoying the cooler temperatures.

A flame acanthus has seeded along the pathway. It looks pretty now but I know I will have to take it out next year. There are many more seedlings waiting for a turn.

Alyssum and narrow leaf zinnias, Zinnia linearis.

It is going to be a beautiful clear day and I plan to spend it outside.


  1. With a view like that last photo I'd be spending it outside too!

    Any globe mallow seeds to share? I got some earlier this year but none of them germinated. I need to try this plant in my garden!

  2. Your garden is just delightful! Totally and wonderfully delightful. Enjoy your day gardening...Unfortunately, I'm off to Costco. Did manage to stop by the nursery quickly yesterday and picked up some chard and herbs. Hope to get them in the ground this afternoon.

  3. I reacted to that last photo the same way Alan did. I want to just turn that chair around and sit down for a bit. Beautiful Jenny!

  4. Beautiful!! I love the Philippine violet as well. Truly a show stopper indeed!!

  5. Just beautiful.

    My Philippine violet is blooming away, too. Just not as large as yours yet. Does it die back in winter? I need to do some research.

    It is nice out today...unlike the hot and humid of yesterday. Enjoy your garden...

  6. I am digging on that light and flora you have right now, so lush. I think I remember that when it actually rains! Though with you both, it's all an "English Garden" :-)

  7. Hasn't anyone ever told you that you can't grow an English garden in such a harsh climate??????? LOL!
    Your place is so beautiful. I would spend the whole day on that chair just taking it all in.

  8. The garden looks fantastic! I love all the flowers spilling out over the flag stone and gravel.

  9. Your fall garden is glorious! That last shot in particular is just wonderful.

  10. Ooh, that Japanese anemone is so charming! I don't remember seeing that one before -- love those wiry stems too. And I really must try Philippine violet next year. Will be pumping you for info on where to put it. I just have a feeling it'll want more sun than I have, darn it.

  11. Amazing! Your flowers are really beautiful. I love it. Thanks for sharing photos of your garden. It really made my day.