Sunday, February 17, 2013


Old book stores are always on the must list of shops to visit when we are traveling. Look what I came across in the old book and print store, when recently on a visit to Florida.

It is a page from Elizabeth Gordon's, Flower Children, which I plan to frame and put on the kitchen wall. Now I don't approve of books being taken apart to sell the individual pages but the price tells me this is not from a first edition. I would have loved to have had this book when I was a child. In fact I would be happy to have it now. Do you have this book?
I'll bet there are a few granddads out their nodding their heads in agreement!
But what of my sages, and there are many. I have four different kinds planted in my herb potager.

Here is the culinary sage, Salvia officinalis, with the narrow leaves. This is the one I use most often in cooking. Next to it is the Salvia officinalis 'Berggarten'. I like this sage more for its ornamental features. The leaves are more rounded and it tends to for a nice low clump.

This sage has a similar flavor and can also be used for cooking.

This sage might look similar to the Salvia officinalis but its aromatics are quite different. It is Salvia clevelandii. I adore the smell of this sage and cannot resist brushing the foliage as I pass by. It isn't easy to grow here as it prefers the dry chaparral areas of Southern California and the Baja. I grow it in the well drained soil of the herb garden where it receives afternoon shade.

In the same location is the Salvia officinalis 'triclor'. I have seen beautiful full mounding plants in other gardens but seem to struggle to keep this one alive through the summer. Still it is worth trying to achieve such a look. Maybe this year.

The sages are subject to damage from spider mites so if you are going to grow them keep a sharp lookout for those leaves turning a dusty color. With the dry conditions we have been experiencing this winter it won't be long before the spider mites arrive.


  1. I've had 'Berggarten' on my wish-list for a while. Maybe I'll look harder for it this year -- beautiful!

    No Salvia offinalis purpurea?

  2. I got some Berggarten Saturday, because I had seen how nice it looks in your blog photos.
    Hope I have success with it. It's pretty.

  3. I love the old gardening books. That looks like a good one. Love sage, too. A versatile plant for the garden.

  4. My wife makes her own cards, and she is always tearing old books apart. All for the sake of art.